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pray with your feet, march for the truth 🙏👣
From the amazing @katemadeira #mondaymotivation #lifetimemotivation
Keep this dream alive.
RG from @rowanblanchard #truth
My mother's best friend @jimmydesana was a photographer. He learned he had AIDS in 1985 and he died in 1990. Follow his account for stunning and seminal images of culture, chaos and sexual insanity 👠 #mce
#tbt to our first Girls magazine shoot almost six years ago, when @autumndewilde and I fell in deepest love. She made this crown with her own hands and placed it on my head and I shook my fake hair around having no idea what life was keeping up her sleeve, beautiful and ugly, wild and hateful and sublime. I'll never be that free again but that's alright. Knowledge is power and every time I feel trapped I hold the keys to my own cage. Love to little Lena, to all our younger selves for their blissful ignorance and raging hope ❤️🙏🎀🍷💅
Before I met @jackantonoff I had been to New Jersey only to take an airplane/go to The Limited. Now he's instilled in me a passion for the people (kind) the food (fried) and the culture (Jersey strong all day long.) Cannot truly wait for his Shadow of the City festival on September 10! Also if you'd told me this would ever be my boyfriend... #arms
hotties with ducks #flyawayhome (would love to make this a series but how many hotties with ducks do we have as a nation??)
some #mondaymotivation from ZNH 🙏
RG from @jennikonner of my new relaxed attitude and matching lewk!
Today's #specialthingsundays goes out to all my sisters dealing with hypermobility, fibromyalgia, mixed connective tissue disorder or any type of syndrome that causes joint pain or numbness. I live to type but sometimes my body is like "uh, NO, I have other plans for you young lady." These finger splints from @mashajewelsplint are life savers and they're also cute AF and don't feel like a medical device. It's a bummer when your body betrays you. It's a joy when you find a sexy solution.
I want to be the first to wish a happy birthday to my beloved Paul Monroe aka @greer_lankton_archives_museum. From the moment we met in a past life, Paul has filled my world with truth and beauty. Everyone who loves him is rewarded with creativity, wisdom, wickedness and 🔥. Paul is an artist, a writer, a designer, a costumer, an aesthete, a comedian, a dog governess and one of my great ❤️s. Happy birthday nutcake 🎉 Greer is saying it loud 🎂
honored guest
Me every time I take my pharmaceuticals and do the damn thing 💊 love you so @mabgraves
Right before this was taken I said "look like you love me. This could be projected at my funeral." #freethepimple
A very cool part of my job is having @francelledaly jovially rub baby oil onto my latex 💎💎💎
Early #tbt #embracegrace. I miss you world traveler @simondunham my 🥜
We out here so excited about this book of the century!!! 🍇
sneak freakin peek @thelovemagazine 👅💎💔