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It was a task to find green in their closets but we ACTUALLY did a thing. #Gobirds 🦅
Red dress. Red cheeks. Must be formal.
This week may have killed us but we’re slowly rising from the dead💀
Cheers to Ivy Leagues, the Ritz cracker company, and the best family and friends for making this weekend one to remember🥂
from 21 Club
Today, 81 children will enter Children's hospital of Philadelphia. Today, more than 81 lives will be changed; maybe for a day, or a lifetime. Today, we recognize the lives impacted by child health issues. Today, please take a moment to recognize Child Health Day with SJUDM. Philly, #CommitForTheKids today. @sju_dm
My Maine squeezes☀️
Wish I could tell you that you were a disappointment for going to Pitt like you told me two years ago about SJU, but let's be real: it's a great school and you're gonna do amazing things. #HTP #villanofun
"The ~Rocky~ Mountains are calling and I must go ~back~" Until next time, Wyoming.
Two brothers, one sister, and one heck of a night💀
HAPPY SATURDAY! My WILD little is officially a bro of Phi Sigma Pi. Thanks for having enough energy for Max, I and the whole frat combined. Never change nug!!
Picture with Aaron Carter: $50 Seeing your best friend pull off an amazing Relay: priceless
"You'll receive more here than you'll ever be able to give" Blessed to have met so many beautiful people in Neon on my first APEX #whyiapex
Blowing up your feed just a LITTLE with three generations posting the same pic. Welcome to the fam Maeve! Can't wait to see the BIG things in store🥕
Pretending we can skate through finals week without breaking down in camp or falling down on the ice⛸
So excited one of my sisters is officially one of my brothers
Still amazed by this weekend and unbelievably proud of everyone involved with DM for raising $27,648.66 for CHOP. Especially thankful to these girls for going above and beyond helping the exec board and I pull off the event. Here's to the start of an amazing tradition at Saint Joseph's University. #ftk @cmnhospitals
Enjoying fall while pretending this week's exams won't make my gpa fall🍁
Glen H2Onoko: where spray painted rocks and old women driving buses tell you not to die
"¿Chipotle or Chipotlay?"-Sarah
She may not be able to afFORD to go HAM anymore but she can say she's officially done with undergrad. So proud of you @lyssfulthinking
Old picture, but it's her birthday and I'm so proud of her for killing her senior year and committing to Pitt.💛