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Morning!! I've just spent an hour sifting through all of the entries from yesterday and compiling notes from mum and Dreamboat. One of the major considerations for me in selecting a winner was choosing someone who genuinely can't afford to buy tickets and wants to go for the right reasons. To everyone that entered I will have some runner up discounts that I'll be sending out to my other favorite entries and I hope a lot of you manage to come. This time around though I've chosen @traipsetowards who is a student pursuing her passions academically and personally. She's also nominated her friend @mywalkintheworld for the second ticket. Congratulations to both of you and please DM us to claim your free tickets for Sydney Bootcamp! @thetravelbootcamp #thetravelbootcamp
from Hokkaido
TRAVEL BOOTCAMP GIVEAWAY! For all of those that have been wondering if I'm doing a competition this time around, of course I am! This is my favorite part, being able to give tickets to people that truly wouldn't have had the opportunity to come otherwise. The next conference is in Sydney on the 12th August so make sure you only enter if you're able to get there as this competition only covers tickets. I'm giving away two Bootcamp tickets and to enter all you have to do is tag the friend you would take into this post and tell me why you want to come and why you think you deserve to win. Mum, Dreamboat and I will be reading the entries throughout the day and I'll announce the winners before midnight. If you already have a ticket and you're upset you can't enter, you can!! I'm willing to refund a ticket sale if you have the best entry. I can't wait to read all your amazing stories! @thetravelbootcamp #thetravelbootcamp
from Dove Lake
Morning!! I was looking through my camera roll this morning and I realized I have over 600 edited and never posted photos from my last six months of travel so I've decided to share some of my faves. I also wanted to give you a heads up that tomorrow I'm going to run my Travel Bootcamp competition! I'm ruining the surprise because people are already asking me if I'm doing it this time around. Hahaha. So, around this time tomorrow I'm giving away two tickets to the Travel Bootcamp and possibly some runner up discounts too, we'll see how good the entries are. As always my mum and Dreamboat will be on hand to help with the voting so start thinking up your entry now, I'll be asking why you deserve to win. ;) See you all tomorrow morning for the official announcement. @thetravelbootcamp #thetravelbootcamp
Hey guys! I'm in Melbourne today to speak at a conference, it's good to be out of the house lol. I'm doing a short series on my next Travel Bootcamp conference, which is in less than 3 weeks in Sydney. I've had a number of people tell me they want to come but they need more time to plan/ save/ get their blog started/ fix their Instagram/ insert excuse. So this post is for you guys. When I quit my job to pursue this career I wasn't ready and here's a big secret, you're NEVER ready. Our brains deliberately sabotage us from doing anything risky and most of us tend to cruise through life on the path of least resistance. This job, this life... this is not the path of least resistance. This is the hardest and scariest thing I've ever done. Calling myself a photographer, believing I'm worthy of work, starting my own frigging conference. This shit is hard. This is our last conference for the year and possibly our last conference in Australia for a while. All three of us have separate lives and businesses to run, the Bootcamp is something we started for you guys. To give back, to give people the skills to follow their dreams. So stop making excuses. If you want any version of this life then get your ass to Sydney in August. Just make it happen. Like I made shit happen when I had my last $100 in the bank four years ago. It's worth it, we're your people. Xx @thetravelbootcamp #thetravelbootcamp
Good morning and happy Monday! I've been doing a short series talking about my upcoming Travel Bootcamp conference. I hope you don't mind, if it's not something you want to do just look at the pretty picture and scroll on. Lol. One thing that I'm hearing a lot about the event is that it's expensive. Yep, I'm not afraid to say it and I'm not afraid to defend it. The Travel Bootcamp costs $549 including GST for a one day event. We don't keep the GST, that goes directly to the ATO and if you have a business you can offset it. The venue costs money (obviously) but we still have a profit margin. The reason why we priced the Bootcamp where we did is because we are sharing information that nobody shares ever at any other conference! Georgia, Liz and I will tell you how much money we earn and through what income streams and give guidelines on what you can be earning based on your skill set, reach and platforms. We also share what we know about who's paying what so that you can quote jobs accurately and stand a higher chance of landing work. Basically we are giving you a solid chance at gaining access to our industry and working alongside us as peers and THAT is worth every cent of the ticket sale. If you're not at this level yet, if you're still a beginner, then the value comes from gaining the tools to grow your audience, improve your work and maintain momentum and inspiration. Plus, course notes, goodie bags, candy and a 'yet to be announced' travel competition! 😱😱 @thetravelbootcamp #thetravelbootcamp
On my last post I talked about how great the Travel Bootcamp is for beginners, anybody looking to grow their Instagram or start a blog or get into travel writing. Although the girls and I originally saw the Travel Bootcamp as a pro event we also expected to attract newbies and tailored the content as such. What I haven't talked about it how awesome the Bootcamp is for established instagrammers, bloggers and writers. Between the three us girls, Georgia Rickard, Elizabeth Carlson and I ) we have nearly 20 years of experience in the travel industry with priceless insights into how to land work (Georgia was the editor of Australian Traveller for four years too FYI) and what to start charging. For those that are already getting some work the Travel Bootcamp will get you more work and put your pricing more on par with industry standards. Plus it's inspiring AF! He's going to kill me but in Sydney we have @jarradseng on the guest list and past delegates have included @photography_byron_bay , @robmullaly , @the_wanderinglens and so many more incredibly talented people. There's also work and networking opportunities with Olympus Australia and Intrepid Travel plus you never know who else will be on the guest list, travel journalists, award winning photographers or maybe even your new best friend. Check it out πŸ‘‰πŸ» @thetravelbootcamp #thetravelbootcamp
Morning sleepy heads! Urgh, why can't I sleep in anymore, even on a Saturday? πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ From my last post it seems like there's some people that haven't considered coming to my Travel Bootcamp because they're total beginners and they don't necessarily want the same job I have. So I wanted to address that misconception. The Travel Bootcamp is for anyone that wants to be a better instagrammer, blogger or writer and more than 50% of delegates are beginners with low followings and minimum experience. At the very least our beginners walk away with a lot of info on how to get started in these worlds; instagramming, blogging and writing. From our beginner sessions we then start to delve into opportunities and monetization. For the pro's in the audience it's really helpful to know and many walk away knowing exactly how to start charging and how much to charge. For the beginners, they can see what's possible down the track. All of that aside there's also the best inspiration and motivation, a room full of people just like you (your tribe), great sponsors (Olympus and Intrepid), delicious food and free networking drinks. Plus course notes and welcome bags with candy. We've really tried to make this day special for all the different sorts of people that come for all sorts of different reasons. Next event is August 12th in Sydney. @thetravelbootcamp #thetravelbootcamp
Good morning!!! Yes it's still morning in Sydney where I'm currently lounging and catching up on work! Oh man, so much to do after finishing my online course. Basically I'm free for a bit from work trips to spend some time on the Travel Bootcamp and in less than a week to take a holiday. (I'm going to Hong Kong with Dreamboat 😱😱) The Bootcamp is creeping up on us and is in like three weeks time. Who has their ticket? I'm actually really curious, who wants to come but hasn't bought a ticket yet and what's stopping you? I might start breaking down some of these reasons and trying to help! 😍😍 I love the Bootcamp, it's my fave thing πŸ‘‰πŸ» @thetravelbootcamp . Photo from Japan, from a recent work trip. Sakura is πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈ
Okay, I'm back and it's finally time to talk about my upcoming Travel Bootcamp conference again. We've been so slack with marketing this one so thank you to all the people that have tickets already. Lol. We do still have some spots left and we would love you to join us in Sydney on the 12th August. I'm just so keen for this one, I love the fact that we're changing your lives and helping you to see the possibilities of working in travel and having a life and a career filled with travel! So if you want to know how all three of us have managed to carve successful careers in travel writing, travel blogging and travel instagramming then check out our website on my bio or πŸ‘‰πŸ» @thetravelbootcamp I'll try find time for a Q & A or something soon, I'm almost on holidays. (Holidays from my work travels but still travel, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)
from Main Beach
For the past ten days I've been working at home with a filmmaker producing my first online course, a beginner photography course that I've been negotiating for 18 months and working on all year. It is the hardest and scariest thing I've ever done and the second time I've really put myself out there in the world by investing my own money, time and efforts into something I believe in. (The other time is obviously my Travel Bootcamp conference.) To people on the outside looking in, I know that I have the type of personality that makes it all seem easy but I have self doubt too. Running a business, admitting to the world that you have ambition and putting yourself out there daily is hard. Like most people, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing most of the time but I founded a business based on passion and I truly, truly believe that when passion and a desire to help others is at the heart of what you do, you can't lose. Thanks to @filmenor for taking on this project at the last minute and bringing more to it than I ever thought possible. Your vision and hard work will be on display throughout the course. Thanks to @passion_io for choosing me to be the very first photographer in their stable of successful online teachers and thanks to the team at @olympus_au for always believing in me and supporting me daily. Kristie, I appreciate you so much. Finally, thanks to my family for losing their home for 10 days while it transformed into a studio. Hope to see some of you at my instameet today now that I'm out of filming jail. See previous post if you want to come!
from Main Beach
Who wants to have an instameet? I'm here on the Gold Coast and I've got channel 9 coming next week to film a piece on me. I really want to show off the awesome Instagram community on the Gold Coast and surrounds so I've decided to have a last minute instameet at the Spit Main Beach. So, if you don't mind being on TV and you want to hang out then we'll meet on Monday afternoon at 4:00 PM at the Spit Kiosk. I'll geotag it on this post. Please let me know if you're coming too. Sorry for the last minute warning and the fact it's in business hours but I hope you can all make it! That's Monday in two days, the 17th. 4:00 PM! Xxx
Well my friends, this is my last photo from Tasmania and I am so thrilled to have been able to share this trip with you all. From Melissa and her 19 pieces of clothing (pictured) and I, see you next time Tassie! @Tasmania #DiscoverTasmania #TassieStyle
Good morning! Or should I say, a VERY early good morning as I've been up since 4:15 AM this morning! 😩😩😩 I've just got a last couple of Tassie shots to share and then I can tell you all about what I've been up to. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I shot this image in Hobart just before the start of the Ogah-Ogah procession and to the sounds of the Siren Song. I don't even know how to define the Siren Song, it comes from a helicopter each afternoon on dusk and it's eerie! I hope you all have a bigger sleep in than me and an awesome day. I'll catch up on comments today. 😘😘😘😘 @tasmania @dark_mofo #darkmofo
from Dark Mofo
I've been wondering how I can sum up Tasmania's annual Dark Mofo event in a single photo and a caption and it's so hard! I'm actually at a loss for words on how to explain the incredible vibe on the streets of Hobart and surrounds during the festival. It's dark. It's unexpected. It's exhilarating. There's a thrill around every corner. I'm not even going to try to define it, there's a website for that. All I'll say is that Dark Mofo is one of the coolest things I've ever done and I've done a lot of cool things. I don't know what date it's on next year but I do know to count back from the winter solstice by two weekends to make a prediction. And I will be there next year. When I put together my Steller story I'll have more photos and a breakdown of some of the events I did. @tasmania @dark_mofo #darkmofo
from Dark Mofo
Good morning!! I'm sorry, I have to share another shot of Mt Wellington at sunrise. Mt Wellington is one of my favorite places to shoot in Tasmania! Here's my advice though, when you go up here for a shoot you should literally be prepared for any weather scenario. It might be hot, it might be cool and it might snow! πŸ˜³β„οΈ It's also usually windy so dress appropriately with wind proof and warm gear so you can relax and enjoy the scenery or the shooting. I'm always surprised when people are worried about cold weather but I know I always used to be. Honestly guys, it's all about what you wear. Be prepared and layered up and the weather is not even as issue. If you go to Tasmania in the middle of winter it's cold. But it's incredible! 😱😍❀️ @Tasmania #DiscoverTasmania #TassieStyle
Who's eating Sunday brunch right now? I wish I was right here at Ginger Brown in Hobart eating all of these delightful things. Instead I'm stuck indoors working and just dreaming of Tasmania! Lol. One of my favorite things about Tassie is honestly the food and wine. It seems unfair that one destination can be so damn stunning AND have cool events like Dark Mofo AND have the most incredible light AND have a food scene! I mean, what else do you want Tasmania? This was probably my favorite breakfast in Tasmania, and that includes a banana dipped in peanut butter at Marion's Lookout Cradle Mountain. 🍌πŸ₯œπŸ˜‚ @Tasmania #DiscoverTasmania #TassieStyle
I have another really exciting thing to share about my trip to Tasmania, I got to stay at the BRAND NEW "MACq 01" hotel in Hobart, the worlds first storytelling hotel. For those that don't pay attention to what goes on in Australian tourism, this is a big deal! The property has introduced a lot of new beds into this fast growing destination and the property is amazing. Every single room is themed and the attention to detail and service was great! Plus, the place is right in the thick of all the action during Dark Mofo! Although I have to wait a whole year for Dark Mofo I'll be booking my trip for next year soon! @Tasmania #DiscoverTasmania #TassieStyle
What did I love about staying at Peppers in Cradle Mountain? Number one, the food! There's actually a Michelin Star chef in the kitchen, out at Cradle Mountain! 😱😱 Number two, a fireplace in the room! Omg, I love fire. And to make things even better the fire is fully built each day by a pro and all you have to do is strike a match to get it started. Number 3, home made cookies in the room! Yes I partook. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸͺπŸͺ And finally, number four, there are outdoor hot tubs in the King Billy Suites. 😱😱😱 @Tasmania #DiscoverTasmania #TassieStyle
When I was in Cradle Mountain I was enticed into doing TWO hikes, not one but two! Day one was the more difficult Hanson's Peak hike, which is quite steep in parts. It took us 90 minutes to get to the top and it was unfortunately too cloudy to shoot sunrise! (I was up at 3:30 AM to be there on time too! 😱😱) Day two we decided on the easier Marion's Lookout but it still wasn't that easy, at least to me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I calculated that we did 23km of walking and half of it was uphill. Lol. Anyway we did get luckier at Marion's and were treated to this glorious sunrise over the mountains. Worth it? I say yes. Despite my grumbling at all of the exercise it truly is days like those that make me most grateful for my job. @Tasmania #DiscoverTasmania #TassieStyle
One of my favorite things about Tasmania is the absolute abundance of wildlife and this is never more apparent than in Cradle Mountain! We saw loads of wallabies of course, plus wombats, but the coolest animal we saw was a spotted tail quoll and I couldn't get a shot! I hope this cutie wombat makes up for it. They're sooooooo cute!! @Tasmania #DiscoverTasmania #TassieStyle
Wineglass Bay isn't the only stunning bay in Tasmania and we were lucky to fly over Maria Island and other amazing scenery on our way there. Maria Island is only 20km in length and doesn't appear to have many inhabitants at all from the air, the only full time residents are park rangers but tourists do visit this special place. There is a ferry service from nearby Triabunna or you can choose to fly over with Par Avion like we did. 😍😍😍 @Tasmania #DiscoverTasmania #TassieStyle