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Now recuperation!!! I have a feeling I am going to catch up on some Netflix!!! LOL #kneereplacementday2......!
Morning! Mucho meds so feeling fine!! Breakfast is next then PT - then home (please!) with a walker...ahh!
Dr Rovinsky (my surgeon) and I this morning. He is not only attractive but kind and sweet....#myfavdoc #kindnessisimportant 💜💜
Driving to hospital - stress level - 10!! Listening to “Carte Postal” - helping me to not be so scared - mahalo Evelyn Cormier!
Nice wake up call from my surgeon!! 👍💜
Dougie gave me this t shirt of my beloved Citroen it!! Came from England! ❤️❤️❤️
My shirt from England Dougie got me - it is my favorite car!! The classic Citroen 2CV......ahhh.... Paris!!!
Carolyn Ivy-Doberenz and me yesterday at Oasis on the Beach! #highschoolnutz
Carolyn Ivy-Doberenz yesterday at Oasis on the Beach....#highschoolbuds ❤️😘❤️
Love these apps!!! #toomuchtimeonmyhands LOL!!!
My friend Joan Bettencourt told me I had to try the fries here! We’re sooo good but I ended up taking them home for dinner! LOL #fritessogood
Yes I know, I love to play with photo apps!!! LOL
View from Oasis on the Beach in Waipouli.....
My high school buddy and bridesmaid Carolyn!!! Love her! #highschoolbudsforever
My high school buddy Carolyn (Ivy) Doberenz - she and hubby visiting Kaua’i....soooo fun to see her again. #buddiesforever
I love this for some odd reason - and yes it is supposed to be me! lol
Fun with apps!!! No snow here! LOL
After ocean swim with my buddy Karla! #loveher..❤️ #likeasister
After waiohai ocean swim this morning! Last time before I have knee replacement surgery and recovery.....❤️❤️#loveoceanswim #willbebackasap