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Definitely not Hawaii but pretty gorgeous day in Vancouver anyway for a January. Outside without a jacket in January
Good thing she got her Starbucks before they closed during our two hour delay this morning from Kauai.
One last Shave Ice. First one at Hee Fat for me but girls have had multiple trips there. Now to stop for Pineapple Pie at McDonalds one last time
Kayaked and hiked to a waterfall and enjoyed the scenery
from Kauai
Waimea State Park
Great weather and fantastic views. Not as majestic as the Grand Canyon but still very spectacular
Sunset and another Shave Ice. I'm ok with them but nothing that exciting. My wife and kids seem to love them though
With all the noise and thousands of pictures taken they still sleep well. The occasional burp or other gas but almost no movement
Hawaiian Monk Seals. They apparently beaches themselves to rest at 8:30am and where still napping when we left at 7 pm
from Kauai
This mornings view with breakfast. Different seat in our patio today
New Years Eve Fireworks. #poipubeachrocks