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Today was the coolest experience yet. I’ve been to the Kilauea Lighthouse when I️ was in elementary but never went back until today. All I️ have to say is that birds are a pretty cool specie! If you ever get the chance to go, go! And shoutout to the best tour guide & park ranger there, Christa! 🔭🦅🦆🤗 #enrichmentday #KCA #DidIReallyJustDropIt😂 #birderangs #albatross #shearwaters
Can’t get over today! Such an amazing gender reveal to have witnessed. So excited for Tel & Christian and their baby GIRL on the way! 🎀💗 girls are so strong in the garma family lol! #MyGuessWasBoy #IWasWrong #ItsADoe #garmagirls
small kine twinning with my ku’i boy 😍😛 #ilovethiskid #glowshowhapps #rippedjeanscrew #andmaroon #kukubear
SUNDAYs are spent with the best people ♥️🎃#eventheoneswhoarentpictured #latepost #harvestfestival #waimeaheat #lovemypalaus #twinningwithkuu #getyourpumpkinshoi
Tehillah & Mackenzie 🌺 Happy Aloha Friday! #welovefridays #itsexcursiondayforKCA
I must look like a ladder to these kids because they seem to always want to climb on me 🤣😅👧🏽👦🏽 my Sunday littles♥️ #myloves #wouldnttradethisforanything #typicalsundaymorning #dabebehs #iliveforthesedays
happppy happy birthday to fada keps/papa kepa/unks! So grateful for everything you do, and everything you’ve done & sacrificed for our family over all these years. Thanks for setting the standard pretty high 😉😁 love you forevs fadas, happy birthday! ♥️🎉 ps: if you see him today, wish him a happy birthday & if he asks how you know it’s his bday, don’t tell him I posted this 😂 #FadaKepsDontDoNoPics #lovedishawaiian
Sister💜 #sistagurl #welovetshirts #not #sundays
flawed & (still) worthy 👑💕 #favefilts #longtimenoselfie #eyebrowsthickathanyourthighs #sograiny
It’s crazy how someone so small can make your day just a little better☺️ Jyrie always giving me kisses on my cheek before she gets out the car door to go to school😘 or she’s saying something reaaallly cute and I can’t handle all the cuteness at once haha! 💜💕 #lovethisgirl #tuesdayswithjyrie #tbt #shetookthisselfieofus #neveradullmoment #itsthelittlethings
Kuulei, I am so thankful for the person you are and for being in my life. Thanks for always opening up your house and letting @chelyssamae & I come over after work just to sleep on your comfortable couch and eat your snacks lol😛 It’s so great to have friends that turn into family. Here’s to more big save trips, drives to kaumakani, more laughter when we’re together, and having me join in on your #cheleiadventures 😉 I pray that this is your best year yet because I know that God is going to use you even more and in a greater way! You may not even know it, but you are such a blessing to me. The love and compassion you have towards others, how on fire you are for the Lord, all that wisdom that you have, and how great of a wife & mother you are truly inspires me. happy happy birthday, ku! 🎉😘 loooove you so much💜
Ku’i jumps on my he always does. Next thing you know every child wants to follow 😅😛 #MissionBreakAuntyAnisNeck #OhSundays #MyLittles🖤
We love excursion days! Thank you again to @jayjayzjy for teaching us and letting us help you make the salt beds! 😊😁 #saltbeds #saltybaes #KCAlions #enrichmentdays
Happy girls are the prettiest girls 🌸💕 #kaliandmccarthygirls #sisters5ever #cheleiadventures #plusaniandkrysta #popcornbuddies
To be honest....I'm apart of the best church EV.ER! And I love these girls to pieces 😍 It's been a fun yet powerful weekend in Maui at the Prophetic conference! Kinda bummed it's over😩 #canigoback #wearekc #ilovemychurch #procon2017 #theefountain
We always show up to church at different times, look at each other and we're somehow ALWAYS twinning 👯🤦🏽‍♀️😂 #evenonmaui #itsokayatleastwelookcute😛 #sister #lastnight
My people💘 Che' & I are twinning once again, and sorry mom that you were laughing and not looking😂 #wetoocute #mymomsaidwelooklit #ohkatherine #procon2017done
Happy hearts all around ❤️ #missedthesefaces #lovethesehumans #ogsquad #kauaiplustyren #thefamoustyrenpose🤙🏽
mamas & their girls💕 missing @chelyssamae & @coryssamae #procon2017 #maui
✖️My heart is honestly so full. I feel so blessed that God gave me a gift and that I'm using it. I use to shrug it off all the time and put it on the back burner. But there's something that sparked in me. So keep an eye out for more's coming! Just about 1400 cookies have been baked from Sunday-Wednesday, got really good feedback from people, and a bunch of cookies are making their way to Maui tomorrow. Thanks to @chelyssamae for taking the initiative to take orders, doing the labels, and baking. Thanks to my parents @thehappykat for all the electricity we used to bake the cookies lol. And thanks to everyone who bought this time around. I actually got to make myself my very own dozen...and I don't feel one bit bad about eating the whole thing by myself 😋🖤 ✖️ Follow @sweetanistreats - I'll be posting more soon!
✖️ I got asked a question the other day, "what are you passionate about?" Hands down without a doubt in my mind and heart I thought/felt that this is one of the things that I love to do. Not just baking but baking for others. When God gives you a gift or a talent, what will you do with it and how will you use it? It's always been a dream of mine to have a bakery to call my own and I know I WILL one day. And with that being said, remember to never give up on your dreams and never stop working towards it. . . THANK YOU to everyone who ordered brownie cookies! I appreciate every single one of you. Its customers like you that keeps me going. It may get overwhelming at times, but in the end it's all worth it. I will now be dreaming of brownie cookies..😛 ✖️ #grateful #sweetanistreats