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Bandys face might not say it but he’s pumped I adopted him and he’s been out of the shelter for 5 months💕
Making physics fun one F at a time
Love you but hate @tombrady #repost bc it happens
National Champions we love our school more than you know ❤️
Happy Birthday Bray so glad you support me in all my horrible decisions 💕 love you mucho
Teaching my Southern pup the Yankee lifestyle ❄️
Thanks St. Nick Foles for this sibling bonding
Thanks for taking in a stray mutt (me) @annabellelouallen 💕
Catch us this thanksgiving 2k17
This jackets weirder than Wonderland ☠️
Is this my Wonderland?
Michaels first concert ✔️
Viva la Vida was my dad’s favorite song by Coldplay it translates to live your life but unfortunately he no longer is due to drunk driving #raiseawerness thanks @isabump for this tat
7-0 in Bama and 5-1 at home 💞🐘🦅
Who do I love more Michael or the Tide? 🤔
The tide bouta make a fool out of a rebel
The tour 2017 #fleetwoodmac #lynrdskynrd
Glad to be in the SEC
Finally back to 3rd wheeling my favorite couple 💕
The puppies are better neighbors than @marten_pauwels
My ID says 19 but I'm actually 21