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Thanks for taking in a stray mutt (me) @annabellelouallen 💕
Catch us this thanksgiving 2k17
Who took a harder hit yesterday LSU or my hand (it’s prolly broken)
This jackets weirder than Wonderland ☠️
Is this my Wonderland?
Michaels first concert ✔️
Viva la Vida was my dad’s favorite song by Coldplay it translates to live your life but unfortunately he no longer is due to drunk driving #raiseawerness thanks @isabump for this tat
7-0 in Bama and 5-1 at home 💞🐘🦅
Who do I love more Michael or the Tide? 🤔
The tide bouta make a fool out of a rebel
The tour 2017 #fleetwoodmac #lynrdskynrd
Adopted my new dog Bandit even though he likes Michael more than me #saveshelterdogs
Glad to be in the SEC
Finally back to 3rd wheeling my favorite couple 💕
The puppies are better neighbors than @marten_pauwels
My ID says 19 but I'm actually 21
This is peak sibling bonding
Happy 20th roomie B!!! Miss you miss Bama miss alpha gam!! Can't wait til you buy me beer soon 💕 @austin_adele
10/10 would highly recommend
Did you plummet 13,000 feet this morning?? ✈️
So sad @smaggiesmarlson and not pictured @kaedeqxx aren't home this summer 💔