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KekuaAloha Foundation now selling Pizza.
KekuaAloha Foundation Ice Cream Truck at the Kauai Christmas Light Parade.
Early morning raindrops on red plumeria.
Kaleo & Sam visiting Kauai.
Pedicure time with my sister😍
Drake's pool.
Happy Birthday Having fun in our pool
Beautiful Rainbow 🌈
Dee surprised us with new hats for fishing.🎣🐟🐟
Wishing my loving & crazy sister-in-law Junelle Marso a blessed birthday 🎉
Fun with my stick.
Two divers & a fisherman.#divers#fisherman
Debbie & Deedee, looking for shells.
Mikey & Kalapawai spear fishing together.
Trying to get cool!
Brownie cake for Deedee!
Big body with Doreen
Happy Birthday Deedee!
Meet Doreen😊
Any shells in this pile?