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YEWWW! Next stop @xgames! Tag your DAWGS!
Props to everyone today for throwing down some of the best U Ditch snowboarding I have ever witnessed. @travelindan with the style award 🥇 🙌🏻🙀🤘🏻
Anyone else as X Cited as @haileylangland and I that @xgames is only two weeks out?! Tag a robot... or a frend! 🤖 🎵 @marshmellomusic 🎥 @scottbarberfilm
Just turned 29 and I’m feelin like I’m in my prime... even with this lazy eye! Grateful every day to still be out here smiling wide and living the most insane life I only dreamt of as a kid and never thought it could possibly get this good! Thanks to everyone who has been apart of where I am today and more importantly WHO I am today, and for all of you who are reading this and have stuck with me through this wild rollercoaster ride. I have nothing but love for you all and you make it possible for me to live this life, SO THANK YOU. PS... Life is too short not to be doing what you love and if you aren’t 10000% passionate about what you are doing, now is the time to change that and put everything you have into what one day you will look back on and be so damn proud of what you accomplished, and most importantly how you felt and treated people along the way. The time is now, and now will be a memory soon, so make it worthwhile and live stronger than the chomp of a crocodile. (Whatever that means 😂🐊) #LiveFrendly
Hats off to another great year everyone! Love you all and I hope you all the best in 2018! 🎩 🎉 😂 🎥 @scullbones
Very excited to finally announce that I am officially partnering up with my favorite bar in Burlington, @thegrowlergaragevt with the coolest dude @lmof70! Looking forward to having a permanent spot to pour my passion into and continue growing the Frendly community in VT. ALSO, We are talking about perhaps changing the name so if you have any ideas drop em’ on us!
Christmas Caption Contest! Winner gets a free ticket to @frendlygathering.✌️Merry Christmas!🎄
Enjoy the Screaming Fresh @pacificobeer “SHART” BRYSON! Thanks @burtonsnowboards for the never ending good times! 🍻
Seeing this clip of the little bro from his show in Colorado last night brings me more joy than a bag of bitcoins for Christmas! ;) Beyond proud and ecstatic to see the hard work paying off and most importantly seeing that classic @lukemitrani smile back in full effect. Also huge shoutout to @mihalimusic for letting him open up for ya! ON AND UP LITTLE BRO!!!!✌️
WE LANDED ON THE MOON! Happy Sunday from my Sled Squad to yours 🛷 📸 @scullbones #flamingohead
Dew you even shred dudes / dudettes? 🤳 #SharedPlaylist #CorkSpike #LiveLaughShred #BurlyAF
Tickets available for @frendlygathering 2018, WHO’S IN?! .... Bringing frends together for a positive, inclusive, and all around great time is what I live for. Whether it’s a dinner, a trip somewhere, snowboarding, or a festival, I JUST LOVE WHEN ALL THE FRENDS ARE TOGETHER! And with our busy lives it’s so hard to get everyone together at the same time. The whole reason of this event is to accomplish the goal of having all the frends in the same place at the same time. The experience, music, activities, etc. are just there to enhance the experience... and obviously as a tool to help convince everyone! .... The tickets we just released are the cheapest we could make them. It’s for the Frends that are coming no matter what the lineup is, what the weather is going to be, they are coming because they believe in the event and that they will be surrounded by the “frendlyest” people. ... If you believe in Frendly like we do, help us reach new frends by tagging yours and getting your tickets early! Each ticket sold helps us keep this dream alive for everyone. Hopefully see every single one of you June 29th-30th on @sugarbush_vt . #LiveFrendly #PositivePassionProject #Frends #ILoveYouIfYouMadeItThisFarOnMyRant #OkBye ✌️
Looking forward to creating memorable moments like these next summer at @frendlygathering. Tickets are available starting tomorrow and I truly hope you all can make it! The more frends, the better the Fest! Tag yours below and I hope to see you all June 29th & 30th on @sugarbush_vt 🙏🏻 #LiveFrendly 📸 @petercirilliphotography
Caption this 🗯👌🏻✈️🐶
PEACE PARK | Thanks @travelindan for pouring your passionate energy into what makes snowboarding what it should be. All about the Good frends, style based progression, and good times. 🙌🏻🏂✌️
Today was a good day. 🙏🏻
Anyone else fired up about the music lineup for @XGames year?! 🔥🍫 @marshmellomusic @redmangilla @methodmanofficial @martingarrix @lcdsoundsystem
It's Friday, of course I'm gonna send it! 📸 @petercirilliphotography @frendlygathering
Why do YOU love snowboarding? Hear what some of the @burtonsnowboards team had to say in this @siasnowsports video I made in New Zealand! Hope you all are as excited as I am for winter!!!! #lovewinter #siasnowsports #tbt @travelindan @ben_ferguson @redgerard @brockcrouch
She gives the best blow jobs! 🤣 Shoutout to @sadiea_store & @beldimade, thanks for letting me crash your photoshoot...... in my garage. Throw your 🙌🏻 if you respect female entrepreneurs.
@halldor_helgason you are flippin' INSANE! If you haven't seen Halldor's part, head to @twsnow in the next 48 hours to have your mind blown into oblivion. #🏂