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Working with the beautiful furniture @c_studna already has makes my job easy! Styling her home was a great way to spend my morning!!
If any of you struggle with cluttered areas of your home and can't seem to make a dent when trying to simplify, I highly recommend hiring Johnny @theorganizeddad He has a passion for organizing and truly enjoys simplifying spaces. He gave a few words of wisdom to start the decluttered process... 1. "Imagine the space with all excess gone." 2. Ask yourself "How do you want the space to feel? It will feel lighter and so will you!" 3. "If a particular item is not bringing out the best version of yourself, let it go." 4. "Don't let fear of 'lacking something' hold you back". This fear enables us to store unnecessary things and prevents us from living a more simple, free life! #Repost @theorganizeddad (@get_repost) ・・・ If you don't own a bunch of crap, you won't have a bunch of crap cluttering up your spaces.
Today is all about organization! I am meeting with Johnny from @theorganizeddad to go over different methods of organization and how to maintain a clutter free home! I can't wait to share some ideas! #organizedhome
Where I'm enjoying the #solareclipse.
One of my favorites from our photo shoot of my client @amykowalskigallawa house It doesn't take a lot of accessories to style a side table and make a statement! 📷by @radiantphotographykc
I have big plans for being productive today! But I'm getting distracted by my bookshelves...they can be tricky to design without feeling cluttered. Time to simplify things without meaning and only keep items I truly love! #bookshelfdecor 📷@rozlyn.neland
It's that time bags are packed and we can all get back into a routine. I can't believe summer is's been a great one but I'm getting ready for a schedule again. #summerisover
I'm loving my outside spaces so much this summer...mostly because I've been treating it like another room and designing it like I would inside. It's comfortable, functional and pretty. 📷@rozlyn.neland
Ok guys...I can't wait to show you the new designs we have coming up! The countdown is on for the new school year and fresh design! Stay tuned!!
#FlatLayFriday With summer winding down and school about to start I've been preparing for more full time work! With that I'm excited to have hired a social media intern @rozlyn.neland to help me keep up with Instagram posts so I can focus on my clients. We'll be posting next week so stay tuned for more regular posts!
#FlatLayFriday Summer has forced me to slow down and with the boys being home 24-7 it's given me a chance to enjoy the time with them! That being Instagram posts have suffered (but for a great cause 😉). So I'm slowly getting back to planning and organizing my day while searching for inspiration to get back in the design groove. Once school resumes I will be rejuvenated and ready to pick up the pace! With that will bring updates to the website and on my client's progress! #summerlovin
A magical bed for a sweet little girl🦄 We're almost done with this lovely room @amykowalskigallawa
We were dreaming of France for our 10 year anniversary but decided to keep it local. Who knew this history and beauty existed in the Midwest!
Finally...It's time for some R&R in the beautiful German town of Hermann.
#FlatLayFriday It's starting to feel like summer! On days like this I really miss the beach but the pool will have to do. This weekend we have a major deck project that's calling our name...but once it's done it's all about relaxing and using our back yard! I'll post some pics when that's done...we also are getting close to updated our website. Stay tuned...
Don't forget to style your outside entertaining area this spring. Keeping the furniture and accessories neutral will allow the flowers and plants to pop!