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By far one of the best feelings, feeling the little baby's moving about in a mummy tummy! If you watch carefully enough( on her patch), you can see the little wrigglers getting ready to join the family on the outside, @mustworkgwp
After an all nighter sitting up with Miley and baby's, we welcome 11 beautiful puppies (4 bitches and 7 dogs) to the @mustworkgwp family! Miley is currently having a well earned rest and cuddles with her new wrigglers. Mum (Lisa Jones) will be in contact with all on the puppy list tonight, once she is home from work.
So much love for this lady 💗
Forever growing ♥️ less than a week till due date 😍
Those dancing ears 😍 @mustworkgwp
Guinness in training 🐕.....🏃🏼‍♀️ @mustworkgwp
Mamas belly is growing ❤️ can't wait to meet the mini Miley's 😍
My main man Guinness 🙃 ❤️ @mustworkgwp
Mummy to be 😍 exited to meet all the little wriggles in that ever growing tummy 🙃 excuse the blue foot we've pulled a nail so avoiding infection 😷 @mustworkgwp
Roxy enjoying a windy day out 😍 @mustworkgwp #gwp #myoldie #mygirl
Packing away Christmas 2017. Christmas podding Pom Pom garland made by my very talented sister @raisingthemnaturally #christmaspuddinggarland #christmasbunting #christmas2017
Windy walk with these two 😍 Christmas hat and aunty Gwen's old hoodie to keep warm!
Miss Miley! how many baby's are in that Tummy of yours 😍
My oldie 😍
Took the old lady out for a play in the snow 😍
@olliee.sawyer turn! 😍
Sledging in the night 😄 @olliee.sawyer
Somebody is having to much fun! @olliee.sawyer
When part of your breakfast gives you a goofy smile to set you up for the day 🤓
With my oldie, Roxy 😍