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Lmao y'all apples I can't
This is purely logical to me
And that's exactly what my ass is doing this week at @atlantisbahamas @thecoveatlantis. SEE YA NEVER!! 👍🏼✈️✨🌴
That would make me the crazy one so no (@ladbible has the best memes)
I'm ready for my juiceeeeeee @claudwithnojob
What tha fuuuuuuh (@tank.sinatra)
Wow. We're so lucky to be alive and witness something like this (@masipopal)
It's pure logic
If Jon doesn't grab his aunt and have sex with her next episode I am DONE #GOT
Bathing in ranch tonight (@boywithnojob)
Fool proof plan (@notskinnybutnotfat)
This is legit me in a photo
Wait what?
Blacking out is gods way of saying "forget about it" (@shitheadsteve)
The sun is LITERALLY shining out of his ass (@hilarious.ted has the best animal memes )
If i could get all the money back that I've spent on food I could solve universal poverty. (@menshumor)
If you're a proud happy cow, like this.
I haven't flossed since I was a fetus
Its alarming how much this resonates with me. Am I the worst or what? (@boywithnojob)
How many places did this guy go on his vacation!!!????
No job no money no problem