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People closest to Tupac still today talk about his respect for wood being unmatched.
If you’re human u relate.
They’re absolutely shameless
Damn that’s pretty woke.
This is why I follow @emotionalclub
Am I doing this right?
Love the idea Don but maybe hire someone on @Fiverr PRO to make your flyer a little more professional #ad
Would not fuck with this guy.
Seems reasonable.
I’m getting pretty good at this (Credit: @storyofmyfuckinglife)
Never let fear restrain you from seizing the opportunity at hand. (Credit JasonMann11 on Twitter)
Such a proper “fuck you”
Living in 3018 with my @wickedkitchenfood mac and cheese. Check em out in the freezer aisle #ad
Damn snakes.
Calculated just like a Capricorn
It’s a lifestyle
Knocking is out the question.
Fuck you and your shrimp car. (@callumlyonwy)
Honestly. Bravo.
Meanwhile chuckles is living in 3018 @totinos pizza rolls everywhere #couchhard #ad