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Kauai come down check us out at the waimea town celebration tonight and tomorrow from 10am to 11pm. Blue sky sunny, no rain. #waimeatowncelebration
Stop topping trees! Kaneohe post office needs some education in proper pruning.
Picked up our truck from the repair shop, good thing we have our own mechanic.small kine not all the way fixed.
My booth set up for this weekend. Big Island Kona, halehalewai right next to uncle billy's hotel. #heivaihawaii2018
Just a few treasures I've been working on the past few rainy days. I'll be in Kona this weekend for heiva i Hawaii. #toeresticks #toere #tahitianinstruments #pahu
Hanging with my girls. Shack style.
Happy vollyball saturday!
Crabs in the parking lot. Reminded me of bora bora from 20 years ago tupa crabs everywhere.
One of my tv's got damaged on superbowl Sunday. Looks like something hit the bottom right corner. Oh well I never really liked this tv anyway.
First day of my 40s. I don't celebrate my birthday, but mahalo to all my friends who gave me well wishes and for all the love and attention. I live a blessed life, yes I know and appreciate it thanks for being a part of it!
Sometimes we take for granted how beutiful our surrounding is. Get out if you car and appreciate life, and the new day
Driving to turtle bay this morni g we had to stop and admire the beautiful sunrise. Like uncle Jeff always said praise Jah! Mahalo ke akua.
Makahiki kuilima happening right now, in case your out on the north shore. It's free, and going on until around 3 or 4 today. Right next too the horse stables.
Pigs in a blanket. I was like wow cool look at the toere I made, then I looked at the top one, whoa that looks like something else. Lol.
Saddle city rd. First ever neighborhood security watch meeting. Taking back our community one step at a time.
We ended up with no kids this afternoon, so early dinner date.
Simple dinner tonight. Proud dad smile🤗
Fundraiser time, let me know if you'd like to buy a raffle ticket for tearanuis class trip. $5 donation per ticket to win a donated kanile'a 'ukulele. The whole $5 will be credited to nui so let me know!
Life on the farm, these guys are more like pets than food. But one day they gonna be food.
Mini pahu, sold! Sorry.