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from Lovers
Baby vampire Bryan Ferry can suck my blood whenever 🦇💋
New Orleans with @candybang is no fun at all 🍄✨🤘
Bye Nashville! I’ve stolen this Lyft driver’s adorable Pomeranian and gone to New Orleans. Back soon! You can catch me playing at the @thebasementnash on Feb 23 with my new band. With any luck, my new four legged friend will be on backing vox. 💕❤️✨
Hi @Gucci! Thanks for the magical belt! I took it to my favourite shitty bar with my beautiful friends @w1nem0m and @jenniferrr0se. Sorry ish. ❤️🐝💕✨🙌
If you can’t laze around the house singing songs and wearing sequins on Dolly Parton’s birthday, when can you laze around the house singing songs and wearing sequins? I’ve been practicing my tune for the 15th birthday of @mercylounge Party in Nashville on Saturday night. I’m joining @whoiscreamer @sansonic1 @alannaroyale @tristentristen @mscaitlinrose and a whole lot more. We’re backed by the awesome Long Players. Starts at 9pm. Free as a bird. ✨✨✨✨✨
Many years ago, the sound of Dolores O'Riordan's voice on the radio was the most haunting and lovely thing my young heart had ever heard. A part of me will always be wearing silver Doc Martens and listening to "Linger" on repeat. Rest easy, delicate angel. ✨💕
Just in case you thought the music life was glamorous: the best lighting in Nashville is in a toilet in on Gallatin Road ❤️
Sunday night Sandy Denny vibes courtesy of Highway 61 Revisited on @wumb919. ✨🙌
Wonderful folks of Nashville, come join me tonight at @dukesnashville! I'm taking my shiny, lovely record collection down and will be DJing 10pm-2am. @silverspringstagram will join me to spin some of his faves. Come hang! 💕❤️100 percent chance of leopard print outfit 😻Photo by @huffy808foto ✨🤘
from Duke's
Love and thanks to all for the sweet birthday wishes yesterday! I managed to straddle time zones and celebrate it with dear friends in Australia and the USA. Here's to never growing up! 💕🐨✨
It's my birthday and I'll sing if I want to! Come hang at the 5 Spot tonight Nashville for The Highway Companions 5th Annual Tom Petty Night ❤️
Nashville From A 737 💙
John's selfies > everyone else's selfies 💜
My fellow koalas, I'm thrilled to be coming home for a ***LIMITED TIME ONLY*** this December. I will be in OZ to drink schooners, chew gum leaves, stalk Paul McCartney and show off all the dubious marsupial themed outfits I've bought on eBay since I saw you last, including this classy polyester bikini. I'm also playing two shows. They are: December 6 @ The Grace Emily in RADELAIDE (w/ Robyn Hitchcock) December 10 @ The Golden Barley in SYDNEY (w/ Jason Walker, Simone East and members of Oh Willy Dear) Show details on my Facebook page. 🐨💜🤘
I'll be singing my little heart out tonight at The 5 Spot for my final Nashville show of the year. @cameronpotts is joining me on electric guitar. The magnetic @indianola_ and fabulous @frances_cone are also playing. 9pm. Be there! 💙
Paris: may you always have chocolate eclairs and chablis and dead poets and tolerance for silly tourists in twee berets. May you be rich in pervy artists with many muses and surly waiters and tiny hotel rooms and resistance ghosts and flea markets with real fleas. May your autumn be forever full of lovers, buoyant or jilted or both, self medicating with cheese. May you be better than everywhere else and always know it. I am a happy cliché and I do not care. I love you. ❤️ 📷@robynhitchcockofficial
When you're a full time muse but you've had a really big night at the 5 Spot 💜
A neighbour to Mona Lisa but a little more exposed, here's La Grand Odalisque by J.A.D. Ingres. I am in love with her. 💙
Keep your friends close and your surrealists closer 💕
Keats and Yeats are on your side...