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Matthew loves his “M” shake at @modpizza! I tried to convince him “M” stands for Mom, but he wasn’t buying it. #itried #modpizza
When you find your heart. #yarnlove
Lenten Bells blooming in the yard as beautiful reminder of what begins today. #lent #40days #catholic #catholiclife
A delightful old Underwood I spotted at The Kauai Museum last month.
Pi has her priorities in order. Stop and savor the sunset.
Having won the DMV lottery, anything is possible.
Everything set out and waiting for me. All I have to do in the morning is show up. Oh, and make coffee.
Staff meeting getting out of hand as Pi takes exception to Kirby’s input.
Vacation over.
So that’s how they get those pictures that lure you to a spot with a visual promise that you’ll have the entire beach to yourself.....if you get up at dawn.
May your day be filled with light and color.
It’s 5:00 somewhere. #vacationmode #almostover
After yesterday’s danger vacation adventures, I took a day off.
from Kauai
TRUE STORY: Knitter walks into a Ukulele store and comes out with three skeins of locally dyed yarn.
And after the husband did it, so did I. #bealive
from Kauai
Wherever I go, I can always find the essentials: good coffee and a comfortable spot to write. I might be part cat.
Early morning mass at St. Raphael in Koloa, HI. Church was built in 1841. Amazing homily on the Three Kings. I’m taking a whole new look at my current book. #inspired
And the other motto for 2018 is “Go Beyond.”
Started the New Year by trying something new that I’ve always wanted to try. New motto: don’t wait, just dive in and do it.