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Photos and videos by eleanor.hense

last beach hurrah before I slip into a depression in 6 days
Great season! Ohana forever🌺
happy national siblings day you weirdo!
this purchase was the result of watching Britney Spears videos for an hour
the funniest part is that this is the face I still make on a daily basis
the holy trinity👼🏼
💟 pc:@itsaapple
Last post of 2016! It's been a pretty shitty year! Here's my pretty mama in her acting days❣️
I couldn't scan the whole print but this photo was a happy accident
beach beach beach
cute little plants🌿
going to Santa Cruz just makes me want to be a surfer
My mom was so good!
❄️it finally snowed
i'm at a wedding
tumblr tuesday
just some tourists with a great view of downtown los angeles
I wish we had a boat
from Lake Tahoe