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βž•βœ–οΈβž• πŸŽ₯ @joshuseldinger @globebrand @hardcore_1978 @187killerpads @independenttrucksoz @dwindledistribution @altawheels @s1helmets @monsterskatepark @iskateaustralia @335skatesupply #skateboardingisfun #skateboarding #skateanddestroy #skater #skateeverydamnday #thankyouskateboarding
Such a sick day Skating Bondi, Thanks so much for filming homie @joshuseldinger @globebrand @hardcore_1978 @dwindledistribution @independenttrucksoz @s1helmets @altawheels @335skatesupply @187killerpads @monsterskatepark #skateboarding #skateboardingisfun #skateanddestroy
❄️❄️❄️ @globebrand @altawheels @dwindledistribution @hardcore_1978 @independenttrucksoz @s1helmets @335skatesupply @monsterskatepark @187killerpads #skateboarding #skateboardingisfun #skateeverydamnday #skateanddestroy
πŸ—½πŸ—½πŸ—½ @globebrand @hardcore_1978 @dwindledistribution @altawheels @independenttrucksoz @335skatesupply @s1helmets @187killerpads @monsterskatepark #skateboarding #skateeverydamnday #skateboardingisfun #skateanddestroy #skateboarding
Awesome session with @corbinharris this arvo at bondi 🌊 πŸŽ₯ @corbinharris @globebrand @altawheels @187killerpads @335skatesupply @independenttrucksoz @monsterskatepark @hardcore_1978 @dwindledistribution @s1helmets #skate #skateboarding #skateboardingisfun #skateordie #skateanddestroy
#2018 @globebrand @hardcore_1978 @187killerpads @altawheels @independenttrucksoz @dwindledistribution @monsterskatepark @s1helmets #skateboarding #skateanddestroy πŸ“½ @simmy_boyy
LATERZ 2K17 πŸ–€
πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘ΎπŸ‘Ύ @globebrand @independenttrucksoz @hardcore_1978 @altawheels @dwindledistribution @monsterskatepark @187killerpads @s1helmets #skateboarding
One of my runs from the weekend at @king_of_concrete . Stoked to get 2nd on the weekend congrats to @jedragen45 for 1st and @ethan.copeland05 for 3rd . Thanks to @rentonmillar for putting on the comp and @grundyrussell for judging . @globebrand @187killerpads @independenttrucksoz @hardcore_1978 @dwindledistribution @monsterskatepark @altawheels #skateboarding
Fs Nose Grind 😈 Can’t wait for the comp tomorrow @king_of_concrete #skateboarding πŸ“Έ @markwoolley
🌴Bar Beach 🌴 @globebrand @187killerpads @independenttrucksoz @altawheels @hardcore_1978 @dwindledistribution @monsterskatepark @iskateaustralia #skateboarding #skateboardingisfun
Stoked to get 2nd yesterday at beast of bondi ! Congrats on @jedragen45 on 1st πŸ‘Š and @zeppppp on 3rd . Such a sick day thanks @ticoleing for putting it on . πŸ“Έ @3ric_photo @globebrand @hardcore_1978 @187killerpads @altawheels @dwindledistribution @monsterskatepark @iskateaustralia
πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ @globebrand @altawheels @dwindledistribution @monsterskatepark @hardcore_1978 @187killerpads #bondi #skateboarding
✨πŸ’₯πŸ’« @globebrand @187killerpads @hardcore_1978 @dwindledistribution @altawheels @monsterskatepark @globestore_bondibeach #bondi #skateboarding
Such a sick day ! Stoked to take out the win in Under 16s. Congrats to @marleyrrae and @kieranwoolley_ for 2nd and 3rd. Thanks to all the judges, @rentonmillar, @globebrand, @canadabay and @king_of_concrete for putting on the event. @globebrand @hardcore_1978 @dwindledistribution @altawheels @monsterskatepark @187killerpads @iskateaustralia @oakleyaus_nz @zanehedley @ticoleing @grundysskatestore
Had an amazing time in Melbs. Stoked to get 1st in the under 16s and 5th in opens. Congrats to @kieranwoolley_ and @jettdehaan also for 2nd and 3rd. Thanks to @rentonmillar and @king_of_concrete for putting on another great comp πŸ‘ Also a big thanks to @allyrogers_x @emilyrogers98 and to @megaranch_keefer @megaranch_aaliyah for letting us stay and for skating the Mega. . . @globebrand @187killerpads @hardcore_1978 @dwindledistribution @altawheels @monsterskatepark @iskateaustralia
Fs Air today at Brunswick. πŸ“Έ @rentonmillar @king_of_concrete . @globebrand @hardcore_1978 @dwindledistribution @187killerpads @altawheels @monsterskatepark @iskateaustralia