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We're teaming up with @Google to give a #SmallThanks to small biz @goldenrulecollective in snowy Excelsior, MN! As the store's name suggests, owner Erin is kind and generous in all that she does. Her inspiring shop reminds us that it's most important to be beautiful on the inside. And it makes Lucy's tail wag! Please share photos/videos and stories of your favorite small business with #SmallThanks and tag @google. Select few will get marketing support from Google. #sponsored #dogsofinstagram #dogsofgoogle 🎥 by @ascedbyme
STORY TAKEOVER! Live from Zanzibar, The Island Dogs, Santo & Marla the German Shepherds are taking over our Story today to show you a day in the life of the good island life. Follow along on their adventures at @the_island_dog
“The universal expression of enchantment when snow starts to fall” writes @ellie_in_cambridge #dogsofinstagram
“WARNING: This video includes a cuddle interruption which some might find upsetting” writes @henryloveskiki #dogsofinstagram
“Love can be everywhere” writes @layla_the_labby #dogsofinstagram
Still chasing gift ideas for your pup? We’re here to inspire! We’re giving away a $50 gift card to and here’s how you can get in on the action: 1. Follow 2. Click the link in’s bio/profile and comment here telling us what you’d gift your dog
STORY TAKEOVER! “Do you want to build a snowman?” Writes @ellie.bean.jelly.bean | Be sure to checkout our story for some snowy fun! #dogsofinstagram
STORY TAKEOVER! “be bold, be wild, be wonderful”. Those words are the inspiration behind the account @fairytrails. Tap our Story now to see a day in the life of Sammy & Yuna!
SENIOR SUNDAY! @susiesseniordogs presents Max! 11 year old Max is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and he has been looking for his forever home for one year already! If you're wondering how it can be that nobody has scooped this boy up's simply because of his age. Max is SUPER sweet and gets along with other dogs and cats. He has such a loving, gentle and tolerant personality and it make it all the more frustrating that he's been passed over time and time again. Max was originally advertised as 'Free to a Good Home' on Craigslist. He was in horrible condition due to neglect. Thankfully, @recycleddoggies rescue in Ohio came to Max's aid and helped this sweet boy regain his strength, his health, and his beauty! But that was last year...and Max is still waiting for an adopter. Max has glaucoma in both eyes and he is blind (this requires medicated drops 2-3 times a day for the rest of his life). This handsome fella was never taught housetraining skills and will need some patience with that. But Max is so super sweet and he is worth every ounce of your effort and love! If you are interested in adopting Max from @RecycledDoggies, please complete an adoption application through their website. The adoption radius for Max is within a 2 hour drive of Cincinnati, which extends to Columbus, OH, Louisville and Lexington, KY, and Indianapolis, IN. To adopt Max, additional questions may be sent to @RecycledDoggies at
“Trying to behave like human” writes @dalithenewyorker #dogsofinstagram
“Waiting for the weekend like ...” writes @knoxandbear #dogsofinstagram
“Keep smiling!” writes @billy_spoodle #dogsofinstagram
“Drogo is 12 weeks old today” writes @lexinowaczyk #dogsofinstagram | Happy belated birthday, Drogo! 🎂
“Koda likes to think he’s a movie star” writes @christianheckle #dogsofinstagram
“I’m extra crazy when it’s frosty!” writes @dappermaximus #dogsofinstagram
SENIOR SUNDAY! @susiesseniordogs wants to know: love naps? Then Yolanda is the perfect adoption match for you! Yolanda can sleep at least 21 hours a day - it's exhausting being that adorable! Yolanda is 11 years old and is the perfect companion for someone who is looking for canine company but doesn't have time for training or housebreaking or excessive exercise. Yolanda is just about the easiest, move-in ready gal you can find. Her main activity is snoozing and she is content to sleep the day away while you're at work. But she is also very smart and motivated and will happily show off new tricks she learns to your friends. She's the perfect combo! Despite being so easygoing and low maintenance, Yolanda has been looking for an adopter for almost a whole year. Sadly, it's only due to her age that people pass her over. But they are missing out! Senior pets like Yolanda have so much love to give, she just needs to be given a chance. She loves food, snuggling, playing with toys...and, as we mentioned, napping of course! She is very well behaved in the home and doesn't even get on furniture without being granted permission. Yolanda only requests lots of snuggles and cuddles, that's what makes her most happy. Yolanda is located in Rochester, NY with Brindle Posse Rescue. An adoption application is required. As long as an adopter drives to meet her, Yolanda can be adopted anywhere! Please email Yolanda's foster at for more information on adopting.
“Peas in a pod...or is it pees in a pod?” writes @hey.kubo #dogsofinstagram
🤯 $5 @barkbox?!? Here’s the scoop: 1. Barkbox’s December box is called Dogmas in the City 2. It’s only $5 when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription 3. Visit to claim your $5 box #BarkboxDay #partners | 📸 @tunameltsmyheart
😍 This is how you rock a outfit | 📸 @ilckenzoo #dogsofinstagram
STORY TAKEOVER! “Hello, we are Ozzie and Ripley! We love adventuring in the Pacific Northwest with our mom! Our goal is to bring a smile to your face, maybe a laugh or two, and inspire people to get outside with their dogs!​“ writes @pawsthatwander | Tap our Story to see a day in the life of these gorgeous pups
“I deeply respect you spending more on a Christmas gift for your dog than on all your family members combined” writes @evas_dogo_cooper #dogsofinstagram