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I think the coffee might be kicking in! @sixes.and.sevens.deli
When you weren't hungry but then your dates fries arrive and actually you could really go for some right now.
Tfw you eat healthy for four hours but you're still fat.
The look you give your parents when they leave for work and they didn't leave the heating on.
We love running into our pals at the beach, and it's even better when they're as handsome as @boomer_is_orange 😍😍
When mum takes you to @sixes.and.sevens.deli and doesn't buy you a donut.
"Its a pop up, I swear!" #flashbackfriday
When he tries to cuddle but you literally just farted. #maybeicanblamethedog #butiamthedog
"Calling your dog your baby is insulting to parents" Me:
When you wake up in the night with a dry mouth and you didn't leave water by the bed 🙄😫
Just found this supermodel down at the beach. #swimsuitcatalogue
When he says you're pretty but you're not sure if he means it or he's just trying to get a belly rub. 🙄
A wee throwback to a wee boy who, for a moment, was confused about why he had those pointy carnivorous teeth.
This is his "hurry up, take the picture so I can have the treat!" face. Yes, I took the picture and yes, he got the treat. #thegoodestboy
Just found this scary little sharkdog at the beach. It must be #sharkweek 😂😂 #shutupandtakemytreats
Fact: looking good has nothing do do with whether you're wearing any pants.
Waiting for your Prince like 😬
Happy birthday to this little guy! Six years old today, where has the time gone? And that means we're fast approaching six years on Instagram 😮
Yeah, I'm into BDSM. Beautiful dogs surrounding me.
Who is she?? 😍