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When you’re the king of the jungle so you don’t need to come when you’re called.
Me before being told that we’re all out of cookies vs me after.
When the cops pull you over and you try to “act cool”
When you’re only allowed two borks a day but you accidentally bork a third time and you’re not sure if Mum heard it. #shedid when it’s actually Monday and I don’t want to have responsibilities anymore. What if I just want to play on the ps4 all day?
The face I make when I wake up on a Sunday and haven’t realised that it’s not Monday yet.
When you accidentally say something really smart.
If you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple.
When it’s barely November and your friends won’t stop talking about Christmas.
When you discover superzoom and your pals are not impressed.
When it’s Monday and you started yours with a great big cup of grump.
Everyone who’s tried to do a sheet mask ever. #scarierthanmyhalloweencostume
Thanks @moustachenz for the cookies - they were delicious! We’re officially starting the “bring Mo back to Wellington” campaign. We need you!
When Halloween is over but you don’t want to put your spooky decorations away. #fivemoreminutes
When you and your brother have to take turns with the Halloween costume.
What if farts are just food ghosts? 😬
When you call in sick to work but your boss makes you come in anyway. #🙄
"I was going to attack @taylorswift but then I found out she has bad blood."
When you think you look good today but then you catch your reflection in a window. #ifiwasavampireiwouldnthavethisproblem
When you try to make a Halloween costume and your lack of effort really shows.
When you try to come up with a compelling reason to stay in bed all day so you become a vampire. #dogsofhalloween