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This is about as deep as he’ll go 😂
For anyone suffering through a long, cold winter, take comfort in the fact that we are hot as ⚽️ ⚽️ down here. #kiwisummer #nzsummer
Pandas: living proof that you can still be fat when you only eat salad.
Summer walks are great - until you encounter a scary river monster 😧😭
When they make all the best clothes only in kid’s sizes.
Pro tip: dogs and unicorns are the easiest way to get likes. 🐕 🦄
I didn’t want to let him have breakfast in bed because I was worried about crumbs. What I forgot: he’s a dog. There won’t be any crumbs. #hewilleatthemall
When your best friend asks if you want to join a swinger’s club and you misinterpret the question.
“She’s a pretty big job. How many milk bones are you paying?”
Waking up on New Year’s Day like “wow old me is a dick, he ate all of my pizza.” #newyearnewme
Sorry for the radio silence on our end, folks! Nothing’s wrong, we’re just enjoying our summer staycation 👌😂
Christmas with friends, food, drinks and dogs. I think @boomer_is_orange’s face says it all 😂😂
Merry Christmas everyone! Even though it’s Christmas Day here in NZ we were supposed to open our gifts tonight, but we stole these presents early. 😇
Waiting patiently for the fat red mailman. Hope he brings treats!
I know you won’t believe that this sweet face would ever do wrong, but guys, he’s trying to steal all of the presents from under the tree. He’s ruining Christmas! 😭
Day 10: they still think I’m a tree and last night I got peed on. Send Santa, I want to get out of here.
When the tree was doing a perfectly good job being a tree so you don’t see why you had to get involved. #ughhumans
“Why does everything smell like carrots?” #thingssnowmensay
When you find out that you’re on the good boy list.
If a fat man stuffs you into a bag on Sunday night, don’t freak out! I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas 😂
When you want to decorate the tree but you have paws instead of hands. #justdogproblems