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LUMPIA (Filipino Egg Rolls) 🇵🇭🍟 @gobigboi is serving up Filipino eats at their Grand Opening happening tomorrow 1/20 12PM 🎈 Their first 25 customers get a dozen pan de sal, ube butter and kalamansi juice. Next 75 get a small pan de sal. 😋 #dailyfoodfeed 🍟: @gobigboi 📍: Sawtelle 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
Check out these Buffalo Chicken Cheese Fries I got with @cheatdayeats from @elbowsmacncheese 🔥🧀🍟 #dailyfoodfeed
Pho weather 🍲 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 🍲: #Pho79 📍: Garden Grove, CA 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
from Pho 79
Just reminiscing about this GIANT PIZZA BAGEL by @tonyboloneys and @obagel_family 🤤🍕 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📹: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @tonyboloneys 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
One of my fav sandwiches EVER is this hand-cut hot pastrami sandwich with mustard on the bread from @frankelsdeli 🥪 Always make a point to come here for this when I visit NY 🗽 Check out all my NYC eats on my NYC Highlights 👍 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @frankelsdeli 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
Let's go back to the basics. Waffle fries. Love 'em or leave 'em? Happy 🍟day! #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @emmysquaredpizza 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
Anyone else like having ice cream in winter as much as I do? 🍦 Got a first look at @thepondicecream and their milk tea & Vietnamese coffee and ube and lychee swirl soft serve in some cool cones 😋 Their Grand Opening is this Sat 12pm and their first 50 get $1 cones and BOGO for everyone all day 🎈 #dailyfoodfeed 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @thepondicecream 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
Big Mac N’ Cheese Burger! 🧀🍔 Got this monster of a burger from @flipntossnyc with @gregremmey of @devourpower during my NYC trip 🗽 Check out the rest of my NYC eats on my NYC Highlight on my profile 🤗 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📹: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @flipntossnyc 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
This steaming pile of Buffalo Wings from @roeblingnyc makes me wish I was back in NYC for #WingWednesday 🍗🔥 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @roeblingnyc 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
TACO. PIZZA. 😱🌮🍕 24 TACOS. 1 GIANT PIZZA. Got this from @tonyboloneys in Hoboken with @devourpower during my NYC trip 🗽 Carne asada chipotle sauce and hand-pulled queso Oaxaca Mexican string cheese topped with guac, pickled jalapeno creama, esquites and A SH!TLOAD OF TACOS (carne asada brisket, mezcal chipotle steak, Victoria beer pickled jalapeño roasted chicken tacos) 🌮🌮🌮 Happy #TacoTuesday! 🤗 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📹: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @tonyboloneys 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
My favorite slice in NYC 🍕 Gotta have @joespizzanyc every time I go to New York 🗽 It's the definition of NY pizza 🤤 Check out more eats from NYC on my NYC Highlight 👍 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @joespizzanyc 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
Got this Mac Attack Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich with mac & cheese, cheddar sauce and bacon from on a cold day in NYC 🍗🍔🧀 Warmed up quick 🔥 Check out all my NYC eats in My Highlights on my profile 🗽 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
One of my fav spots @devourpower took me to in Brooklyn was @thebedfordnyc where they had this Mac N' Cheese Bun Burger 🍔🧀 Sound up to hear how crispy this bun is and eyes open to see the beauty 👂🏼👀 Check out My NYC Highlights on my profile for more eats from NYC! 🗽 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📹: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @thebedfordnyc 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
Some people take extra luggage to bring back souvenirs from NYC 🗽 I bring back cookies and pizza 🍪🍕 Had A BLAST ringing in 2018 in NYC with @devourpower 🙌 Even though it was cold AF and my flight home got cancelled from the snow storm, it was the most fun I've had in FOREVER 🕺 BIG THANKS TO MY NYC HOSTS @devourpower! 🙏 You guys are amazing. FOLLOW THEM! ❤️ Check out my NYC eats on My Story Highlights in my profile for more! 👏 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 👇 TAG A FRIEND WHO WOULD DO THIS 👇
Congratulations to Greg & Rebecca of @devourpower! 🙌 IT'S A GIANT PIZZA BAGEL! 🤱🏻🍕 Weighing in at 6lbs 3oz and 18in long. Aren't they an adorable family!? 😜 Got a first look at this @tonyboloneys X @obagel_family collab pepperoni pizza made with a giant sesame bagel crust with my NYC foodie fam @devourpower 💁🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♀️ Available at @tonyboloneys Hoboken every Friday starting TODAY 😉 Check out My Story Highlights for more eats from NYC (and Jersey) 🗽 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @tonyboloneys Hoboken 👫: @devourpower 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
So... I'm stuck in NYC in this #BombCyclone snow storm 💣🌪🌨 BUT... I have a whole @psp_nyc Spicy Sping Pie with me to warm me up 🍕 One of THE BEST slices in NYC. And I'm kicking it with one of THE BEST food IGs in NYC, @devourpower 👋 Tough life 😉 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @psp_nyc 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
It's ramen weather here in NYC 🍜 Finally made it to @ippudony for dinner with @devourpower. THE. BEST. 🤤 I got the Karaka-men: original tonkotsu pork broth and thin noodles with Ippudo’s special blend of hot spices, topped with pork belly chashu, cabbage, sesame kikurage mushrooms, scallions and fragrant garlic oil 🔥 I added a poached eggs in mine and it was perfect 👌 Check out My Story Highlights on my profile for more from NYC 🗽 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @ippudony 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
NYC's @devourpower took me to @dostoros today for this Plato of carne asada steak with rice, black beans, pico de gallo, corn and guac 🍛 Yes, it's as good as it looks 🤤 Check out My Story Highlights for more from NYC 🗽 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @dostoros 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
Loaded chocolate chip cookies NYC style from @besfrennyc with @devourpower 🍪🍪🍪 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @besfrennyc 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
I'm spending the new year in New York with NYC's @devourpower! 🗽 First spot we went to was @thebedfordnyc with this Mozzarella Burger 🧀🍔 Panko & herb crusted fried mozzarella, grass-fed beef patty, paprika aioli and melted mozzarella on a brioche bun 🤤 Stay tuned for more from NYC or check our My Story in Highlights 😉 #dailyfoodfeed #dailyfoodfeednyc 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @thebedfordnyc 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
🎄LAST HOLIYAY GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY🎄 Next up, enter to win a $25 gift card to @churnedcreamery to get this amazing #CROCREAM croissant ice cream sandwich 😍🧀 They have locations all over Southern California✌️ #dailyfoodfeed --- To enter to win a $25 @churnedcreamery gift card: 1️⃣ LIKE this post 2️⃣ FOLLOW @dailyfoodfeed AND @churnedcreamery 3️⃣ TAG a friend in a comment 4️⃣ For multiple entries, TAG a new friend in each comment --- GOOD LUCK! 🤞 Entries expire Friday 11PM PST 1/5/18. Your profile must be public to win. 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @churnedcreamery 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 ENTER TO WIN 👇