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Pretty awesome I could meet one of the best film makers of all time!! And jay signed my tray, which is dope!!
Good time with my basket of deplorables
Best night ever #lovedrugtour
What a guy.
Had the worst campmates in the word but everything else was magnificent #blackmountainpond
The hippie van is not complete, I dream it will someday. Will show it's final form when it comes around to it
When the parents aren't home #legalizeranch
2 artsy 2 handle. Photo creds @zoe_stanford.s
A new addition to the mora family! #moraeldris #morakniv
Our mixtapes are the freshest 🔥🔥👌👌🍑
Added some stuff with my mora, grinded down the spine so it can throw sparks and attached and ferro rod to the sheath. #moramods #morakniv
Super pumped to listen this on the way to work 🔥🔥
While in the great outdoors a tick fell onto my hat.
First time cooking on the fire pit grill!!!
New knife!! #morakniv
Even the people I play with flame me... #overwatch
I have a thing for feet #peterpan
Started Curb Your Enthusiasm. Really funny!
The van man can!