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Last month I spent a week in Nicaragua... I swam, surfed, got food poisoning, a sunburn, shot photos, ate copious amounts of Clif bars, got a drone confiscated (got it back) and met my old friend the mosquito. By far the best part of the experience was the time we spent in service helping build a music room for a small local school. Eyes filled with sweat & hands weak from using the sledgehammer.. I can't remember the last time I was more grateful to get on a plane go somewhere knowing my time spent there might actually help someone else. . . For the full trip report check the link in my bio: @clifbar #feedyouradventure
from Popoyo
A near vertical Milky Way divides the two dormant volcanoes Bishops peak & Cerro San Luis mountain. It wasn't the clear perfect night I hoped for but it never really is when shooting in your own backyard. I know for me at least I take more pride in shooting photos near my home than anything I create across the globe... my 👣 is much smaller & there's something to be said for the challenge of seeing your community in a new way.
from California
For some reason I ate a lot of sand as a baby. My mom would turn around for a second & I would have a mouthful. I grew up around dunes... they became a good playground. I got older & would slide down on boogie boards. Eventually spending weekends camping & hunting waves along endless stretches of beach. 31 years later & I finally have a photo that does its beauty justice. . . Thanks for rallying @tinkertintrailerco
I love coming across a fellow outdoor enthusiast in the wild.
When a friend forces you to get up early after a long night to show you his favorite spot in his hometown, you know he's a good one. Can't tell you how much I appreciate the motivation @jquinny . The Trees at Big Talbot were something to behold.
It's never easy.. far from perfect... but has always been so worth it. The decision to get married at 21 was one of the most terrifying things I've done. Probably because I knew I could barely provide for myself let alone someone else & I seriously questioned what I had to offer. I remember asking her dad for permission & just feeling so incompetent... let's just say I wasn't the most eligible bachelor at the time. A recent college dropout with no job, no career, who lived mostly out of his small Toyota truck & used their house as a grocery store. The situation was far from ideal... laughable actually. I've realized that the world will tell you to wait till everything's perfect... "only bring someone into your life when you have the painted the picture you want" they would tell me. I've always wondered what room that leaves for collaboration. For growth. Any true commitment that doesn't require a leap from what we are comfortable with, and the inevitable struggle that comes with it is something I would question. . . Thank You for 10 amazing years @Brea_face we have come a long way from living in a barn together :) I love you. #HappyAnniversary
Even the scattered headlights of a distant freeway can be beautiful if you want them to be.
Chances are if you have taken the long road to slope point ( New Zealand's southern tip) you have seen this Rimu tree standing tall among the Catlins temperate rainforest. It's one of the most perfect trees I've photographed. Im not sure if it still stands... maybe some of you know?... someday ill come back & see for myself.
It's interesting how everyone interprets a place a little differently. You might see this landscape & be drawn to its jagged peaks & climbing potential. You may be content standing on the shore feeling the black volcanic sand beneath you. For me it was the surf potential that drew me back year after year. A beach plagued by bad winds & large swells, I knew it had rare moments of calm. At a certain point I would get into the water here & swim below the near vertical peaks of Stokksnes... feeling completely vulnerable in one of the most exposed stretches of coast in the Atlantic. Getting out half frozen & befriending the land owner Ómar was on of the highlights for me. 10 years ago on my first trip I never envisioned it would become a Mecca for landscape photography. Even after seeing countless images I am still just as drawn to it as I was the first time. @mikeydetemple
from Iceland
Tomorrow I head to Chicago to premiere our film 'Under an Arctic Sky' . It will be our last US screening before heading to Europe to tour in September. Thanks to all who have supported this journey! With almost 80 screenings behind us it has been a life changing experience to meet so many & share my passion. More US tour stops to come ! . . For details & tickets check my bio link or
The psychology of an open road is pretty interesting. We seem drawn to long stretches of dirt over pavement. As if it represents a certain opposed to the alternative which may remind us of the business of everyday life.. paths well trodden & accessible be everyone. A perfect dirt road may as well be a work of art. Equally grateful to admire them as to run, ride or drive down em.
The last thing a Fish sees.
from Nicaragua
Almost 6 years ago I sat in bed for almost a month with a staph infection in my leg. At one point the medically resistant strain MRSA was creeping up my leg creating red lines... I had a small panic attack I might lose my leg. Somewhere between working in Tahiti & Nicaragua I had gotten a tiny reef cut that was exposed & untreated. I had a lot of time to think while I was in bed immobile staring at two quarter size holes in my leg that were connected by a tunnel the bacteria had bore. I was really scared. It made much of the petty things & opinions I dealt with on a daily basis seem pretty minor. At a certain point I made the decision that warm water wasn't for me, & decided to put my efforts elsewhere... It led me to explore places I never imagined I would, & experience pain in a totally new kind of way. The kind I welcomed. . . Pictured: @dionagius waits for the tide during the iceland section of 'Strange Rumblings' filmed by Joe G . A film that went on to win film of the year at Surfer Poll.
I always thought I was immune to culture shock until I visited India. It was overwhelming in the best kind of way for a small minded kid from California. The part I loved most was that there seemed to be an equal amount of interest & respect from both cultures. Every time we would paddle out to an unknown break there would be an observer from shore watching for our safety. We searched for unridden waves along the southern coast, somewhere at a remote river mouth in the Kerala region @craig__anderson put on a show for the locals.
from Kerala
Sunday morning in Vík Í Myrdal.
It's a subtle balance of patience & fear. Suns gone ... it's getting dark quick. Everyone's paddled in & you know you're waiting for a wave that probably isn't going to come. This is one feeling everyone needs to experience once.
from Nicaragua
4,231 miles from home. I knew right away it was important to come back.
from Hornvík
How every good day should start. . . My time at home is usually limited & it's often easy for me to get stuck behind my computer or in my office. Thank goodness for friends that ask you to wake up at dawn to show em your favorite spots. @roam
A beautiful view of the pristine California wilderness that was currently devastated by the Alamo fire. Totally 23,000 acres burned it was one of Californias largest this year. Whether it was naturally occurring or not, it's a good reminder that it's fire season & every one is responsible. A good time to brush up on Leave No Trace principles & wilderness responsibility. I know I am. . . This photo was taken on a friend's ranch during a commercial photo shoot. Plenty of hands to observe & extinguish our fire. 👌🏼
So many gifts.
from Nicaragua
A behind the scenes look at 'Vanishing Worlds' a fine art show opening today at the @paulnicklengallery in NYC. This aerial photograph of a glacial river is easily my favorite photo of nature I've ever taken. It's on display along with others following the path from glaciers to the ocean. . . Today is the public opening at 10am. Book signing at 3pm and a Q&A with @paulnicklen & myself at 5pm. See you there!