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There is a very short window between salt water hitting freezing temps & it actually freezing over. On day 1 of the trip Cameron said that as soon as we found 0 degree water he was going to Eskimo roll in the kayak, just to experience the joy of freezing cold water. He did... 4 times. Just as we got near the glacier, the ocean turned into an icy soup. We cheered him on as his head dipped over and over. @cam.solon
I am the most fascinated by things that don't last.
from Kulusuk
Many of my most meaningful travel experiences over the last 3 years have happened on this boat. I owe this captain a great deal of thanks for sharing his knowledge of the land, sea, it's people, and it's cultures. I led a workshop with some great people through this landscape but I'll always be a student when I step on this boat. @auroraarktika
My favorite place to see art isn’t on a phone but hanging in someone’s home, office, dorm or even Van. Throughout the Holidays I try to make my prints a bit more affordable by offering 30% off till Nov 26th & again in Dec. check out for some of my favorites or order a custom. Code: CBTHANKS30
Writing has always been painful for me. There is this uncomfortable place I reach after a few sentences where I question if any of what I'm saying makes sense. I've tried to articulate for years the importance of a "Road Trip" and what it can do for your creative process. In the end its not about playlists, gummy snacks, or even the open road (although major perks). It's about severing ties with a solid foundation, & granting yourself the freedom to love and breathe with your art. Through this process you learn what you need & most of all what you don't need. You will be surprised just how many people have fueled their creative process like this... @timkemple @ladzinski @coreyrichproductions and even Ansel Adams to name a few. I finally finished a somewhat cohesive article & would love for you to check it out - link in my bio or here: . Thanks @mikechinch & @redbulladventure for publishing my rant 🤙
Greenland at night can have moments of unreal joy mixed with hints of slight fear. After making it to the small island in total darkness a group of us stayed within yelling distance as the northern lights crept overhead. Without a headlamp the slippery frozen seaweed & rocks would have made you immobile. And although unlikely, the thought of polar bears seems to creep into your mind. I love straddling that line where comfort and discomfort meet. On our way back captain Siggi turned the lights on the @auroraarktika to illuminate our path. A literal nightlight for us. This was the moment I remember the most from my first trip to the east fjords.
I lasted about 3 weeks before dropping out of my junior college photography class. I only remember two rules. 1. Don't shoot midday 2. Avoid shooting into the sun. . Neither made much sense. @johnny__bones
from Utah
The mud drip castle of the Citadel Tower has one of the smaller summits you can imagine. @sketchyandylewis stands alone & exposed before a BASE jump off. . Shot by @renan_ozturk during a visit to one of my favorite parts of the world to test new cameras, drones & catch up with friends.
A casual commute in the Arabian sea. Never has a body of water left such an impression on me. Beyond it's clarity, the rawness of the reef seemed like it had just been formed & only few tiny keyholes allowed for surfable waves.
from India
Tucked away in my cabin I found a book on the history of the Lofoten Islands. One early translation says that the word Lofoten actually means- Lynx foot, and speculated that at some point the shape of these islands were compared to the shape of a Lynx's foot.
from Lofoten
I'm grateful to be hosting the @savethewavescoalition film festival this Saturday at my studio in Pismo Beach. Save the Waves is an organization dedicated to protecting our beaches & waterways & I've been lucky to work with them over the years. There will be some amazing films shown including Under An Arctic Sky. Event is from 6-11pm. Seating limited. Come hang 🤙 Details:
Handmade boats launching through barreling shorebreak just to help a few strangers get to their inaccessible ferry. I saw more than one man get smashed by a wave & an entire boat almost flip. It's the moments of kindness & service I've been lucky enough to experience that always stick with me the longest after im done traveling.
from India
If you have driven through the Southwest you’ve probably passed by dozens of features that looked just like this. From the ground...nothing much to see or a least nothing that probably catches your eye. From the air it’s a delicate & intricate look at the earth’s geology in what can only be described as Art. A part of my life’s mission has been to bring these places to life, sharing a vision of earth we don’t normally get to experience in hopes that when it comes time to make a decision.. we can preserve even the most mundane pile of rocks.
Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii : valley of rocks
The Pilgrimage Boulder. One of the more beautiful rocks I have ever seen in person... sitting all by itself amongst the Hampi boulder field. A test-piece for the area made famous by @chris_sharma many years ago. It was cool to revisit this rock that inspired our trip & watch @paulrobinson87 work the V11 moves in 90+ degree heat & eventually send it. The rubber on our shoes felt like it was melting along with my skin. Always loved your vision Chris.
from Hampi
There is always an internal struggle that goes on when photographing this place. Beautiful in every way.. but if you knew what was given up in the process to create it you would definitely feel a little bittersweet. Once home to gorgeous slot canyons, native dwellings and more history than any of us can fully appreciate. Typically when we cover our mistakes it doesn’t look this beautiful. . Your inspiration for conservation has grown deeper than this canyon ever could have. 🙏🏽 ed abbey, Katie lee
If you can stand the heat the bouldering around Hampi is some of the best I’ve seen in the tropics. It reminded me of Joshua Tree in California but instead of that dry desert heat you get 100% humidity. The potential was endless & the already established classics were unlike anywhere I had seen. Here @paulrobinson87 warms up above the never ending rice paddies. @nathaniel.coleman
Sometimes a good photo can be as confusing as it is clear.
It’s rare you go somewhere that watching the waves is as satisfying as being in them. On this tiny predominantly Muslim Island off the Indian coast we found both. I’m still trying to process everything we experienced in India. It’s a place that really requires all of you... a literal attack on the senses in the best kind of way. I always leave exhausted from a sensory overload... while at the same time missing it & feeling like I barely scratched the surface.
from India
‘Vanishing Worlds’ - my first gallery show focusing on river conservation in Iceland has come to an end. Thank you so much to my friend @paulnicklen for letting me display this labor of love in your gallery space in NYC. So grateful to those that came by to see the imagery and hear the stories. All images in this series were shot from a small plane overlooking threatened glacial rivers in Iceland. An ongoing series of work I have been shooting for a half decade. For more visit or
These days I find more inspiration from Artists than anywhere else. Maybe because it was the first medium I practiced. My friend @jercollins_com is one of the few that weave a beautiful narrative through his work of environmental & political awareness while still remaining true to his roots as a talented climber, outdoorsman and most importantly - father. I don’t often recognize people’s work on my page but @jercollins_com is one of the best & I think more than a few would appreciate the lines he draws. ✏️ The last one is my favorite .
from Utah