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Making others be obedient is for selfish dictators. Show them the way and make them follow because they choose and keep encouraging and allowing them to be right and wrong and you will give them more than just the ability to follow rules
This goes for those who wonder if we regret, and also to those who linger in angry outburst of self doubt and woe the past. Take pride in your sacrifice and if you cannot at least recall your not forced into service, be proud and never shame your service or what prices some of us still pay!
Have faith in your self and keep the goal in focus and always move it past achieving it and you will never quit and be a example of how to live life!
Brand new now available. Julia Dye joins Jeff and they talk about her and her new book!
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Early into our seats for a sold out IMAX theater!!!
Trent (my son) and I all ready to head to the IMAX and watch The Last Jedi!!!
Ft Hood & Murder!
Happy Birthday (25th Birthday if I am correct) of my beautiful & patient wife who is having to put up with this guy all the time not just during a show!
Getting some last minute research done at work before tonight’s recording with Sam Kulper for an episode of the Band of Brothers Special!
The FaceBook Group: Lessons In Leadership, Band of Brothers is for the upcoming Jan18 release of a podcast series of the same name. Produced and presented by Change Your POV and Changing Hearts & Minds!
Just talked to this guy for over an hour! Yes the actual man! Dale Dye!
Ha ha ha! Truth!
These are credits... jus saw Justice Legue!
Not what you think... available now! Share!!!!