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Yeah, good n’ you? @eye_b_long 📷 @capowguiding @blanketglacierchalet @seerevelstoke
Get pitted. @martyschaffer 📷
❄️❄️❄️I love winter, it’s so important for me to ski, board and focus on my other outlets, I’ve learned riding my bike all year round can kill the passion I have for the sport. Come spring there’s a new fire of excitement to get back on two wheels! 🔥🔥🔥#sports #allthesports #diversity #fire #thefireislit @seerevelstoke
Smiling as hard as I can between stages. When you feel like you’re suffering during an effort on your bike(or anywhere) try smiling, even if you don’t feel like it. It can change your whole ride or even your LIFE. @mdelormephoto 📷
Here’s my top 9 photos from 2017, I guess you guys like bikes eh? What’s your favourite?
I had the best time last summer focusing on keeping my film projects close to home and transitioning into that Vegan life, my footprints are pretty small but I’m always working towards a smaller shoe size. How do you think I should shrink my carbon footprint in 2018? Sunset shoot on mt Cartier @beardofbeez @seerevelstoke
TBT Aspen EWS, I made some pedal strokes count on that one @mdelormephoto
@martyschaffer capture, @cmhkootenay #cmhheli @dakine @oakley
Only two months away from riding bikes again! Woo @beardofbeez 📷. @seerevelstoke @dakine @realrawfood @trekbikes @c3project @bellbikehelmets @clifbar
If someone asked me how my day went, I’d say: pretty damn good. @cmhkootenay #cmhheli @martyschaffer 📷
Just about to drop into a new year, what’s your resolution? Mine is it protect the places we love by doing the most effective thing I can do for climate change- going Vegan. I’m two months in and I’ve never felt better. #veganuary is a thing if you just want to try it out or try not participating in animal agriculture by eating food caught or hunted by you or friends. YOU MAKE YOUR VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET shop consciously. @beardofbeez 📷 @seerevelstoke
A little warm haven in the gold range, I can’t tell you how good it feels to spend time away from internet and cell service. Totally immerse yourself in the great company, conversations, stories and of course the Monashee mountains, how long has it been since you’ve disconnected to reconnect to the real world? Maybe it’s time? @blanketglacierchalet @capowguiding @seerevelstoke
@eye_b_long 📷 what a great time shredding with @snuffthedog , the @blanketglacierchalet had the best crew over the holidays! @seerevelstoke @dakine
@beardofbeez capture, it’s a whole different world up here @seerevelstoke @rideshimano #thisishome
@blanketglacierchalet had us for Christmas, sunny and blower pow. @martyschaffer @snuffthedog
Amped about the @c3project summer series making the TOP TEN videos of 2017 on @pinkbike ! @beardofbeez 📷 @harrisonmendel @seerevelstoke
This is the fastest I’ve ever gone on a bike @nicalegre 📷 second shot is @cammccaul sending Corbets safely and successfully. The link for my run is in my bio.
Winter is on! @seerevelstoke @capowguiding
@snuffthedog curious about cats
Thanks @pinkbike for making the @trekbikes #Slash bike of the year! @mdelormephoto 📷
Who’s excited for the @crankworx world tour? Do you think I should bring my little bike? #ticketdj