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Personal Growth.. The decision not to allow the negativity of others to affect your path. Moving forward despite your own fears or judgements of others. The choice to embrace your journey without comparing or competing against anyone but yourself. Apologizing when you should. Aspire for the best to come out in everyone around you, including yourself. #Mondaymantra #totaleclipse
Give us all the Music Festival Vibes.. just over here making some cool memories together. Sparrow thought the concert was just for her. She kept calling it her party πŸ˜‚ Already cannot wait for next year β›ΊοΈβœŒπŸ½β€οΈ#reggaeriseup
One day I'm totally rocking this motherhood thing then the next day I'm all WTH was that Candice?! It's like this crazy train of tears and laughter that I can't control most days. Pretty much just white knuckling my way through it some days, hoping we all make it out alright πŸ˜‚πŸ˜« #lordhelpme #mood
Forever Your Ride or Die 🀘🏽❀️ . . . But can we stop for food first on the way? #seriously
from Utah
I see this face and it makes me hopeful for the all good this world has to offer. Even when It's hard to comprehend the stagnant state of progression in this world, we still have to spread the love and try harder.
I got my own back. I am the decider in the happiness my life will bring. I will pick myself up and pat my own back. My authentic heart and stubbornness will always outlast an ugly motive. I will smile no matter what life throws at me because I know, I got this...
We took the kids for a quick campout for the night and ended up stumbling on the coolest site ever. We all desperately needed that disconnect and family bond sesh before school starts next week. I'm trying to fit in as many camping adventures before the cold hits us and the winter hibernation starts 😫 We have two more trips planned with the kids including @reggaeriseup festival next weekend. Going to send out summer with a bang by camping and hearing our favorite bands as a fam. I seriously wish summer would last forever.. love these moments with my kiddos.
Not sure how it's possible that I have a 4th grader!? In my head I'm still 21 years old but that's another story.... They say toddler years are tough but this one is giving me a run for my money lately. He is the most amazing and smart kid ever but the tween tude is starting to peek out there a bit... teenagers have always been my worst nightmare guys, don't tell me it starts this early 😫
You know those dates that are just burned into your brain because something traumatic or crazy happened?! Every year in August on this day It automatically takes me me back to one of the worst days of my life. Three years ago I found out the hard way I had Placenta Previa and hemorrhaged severely, almost losing my life as well as my daughters. Long story short, We spent the next 3.5 months on hospital bed rest or in the NICU. Thankfully we are okay now but the aftermath of trauma is a long road. A day as exciting as your childs birth turns into months of fear and stress....let's not even start on the overwhelming medical bills and never ending dr appointments. It strains marriages, relationships, employment and it honestly took me 2 years to recover. We often don't realize the effects of trauma but we should. If I didn't have the family and help I had, I would be in different place today. I know because of this I can get through anything . There is nothing more valuable than the health of you and your family. Let the petty shit go, love each other, and never take this life for granted. Happy Tuesday ❀️✌🏽 #ptsd #lifeafternicu
"Don't you dare settle" Have you told yourself this lately?! A mantra I have turned into a lifestyle. Don't you dare settle for a life that is anything but the very best. Don't you dare settle for friendships or relationships that makes you feel less than or unloveable. How about money?! Do you settle for a toxic work environment or job just to pay the bills?! Settle for less than because you feel guilty to want more?! I've definitely been in all of these situations at one time or another. Thank god it's never too late. I'll be damned if my kids see that side of me because, I am more than that. We push, we fall, we get up, we try harder, and most important- we never settle. Here's my Monday motivation for all of you.. repeat this saying in your head anytime you feel like giving up. Write it down, say it out loud, whatever I takes to remind yourself who you are. ✌🏽❀️ #dontyoudaresettle @nakeiachomer
Almost every piece of furniture in my house is from hunting thrift stores, estate sales, or my moms antique store. I feel like when you walk into someone's house you are seeing a physical story of the persons life. I think if you came to my house you would feel like it's a place that you can always kick off your shoes, enjoy a good meal, and always feel at home. Like the people in my life I enjoy quirky, eclectic pieces that have a story to tell.
Beautiful Hot Mess.... Probably the best description I could make for this bunch. Shoes off, crying baby, and wet pants? Yep that's us.. you can add messy house, stinky dog, and occasional meltdowns to the list as well. We will never be the fanciest bunch but that's my crew.. we love hard, bicker often, but no matter what we stick together ✌🏽 Here's to the beautiful mess that is ALL of us ❀️ I love you all anyways
Hello August!? I can't believe summer is almost over! We are in full month and school prep mode over here...trying to fit all those last adventures in before the craziness begins. The only thing I'm looking forward to is the early bedtimes and set schedules.. the weather can stay ✌🏽
Saturday mornings at our house pants, comfy socks, too much coffee, and maybe a bravo tv marathon?! As much as I love the hustle, sometimes a lazy day at home is just what we need. All about that balance right? β˜•οΈ @happysocks #happysocks #happinesseverywhere
Those days when things just aren't going the way you hoped and you let it get the best of you.... so me today. Not always on my best behavior but these babies make me strive to be my best self. Tomorrow will be a good day 🌞 #mysunshines
Keeping my face towards that sun, standing tall and gonna spread those seeds of happiness no matter what. I feel like this is my year guys, I have had so many ups and downs but know that with hard work and a positive mind anything is possible. I want to thank anyone that reached out or sent me love today on my birthday. I am so grateful for that love, you have no idea. Here's to a new year, new goals, and never growing up 🌻✌🏽 #leoseason
Girl talk sesh... we are super open in my household about pretty much any subject. I get asked some crazy ass questions from my kids but I will never change how I approach touchy topics . We discuss anything they bring up because I want to be the one to explain this wild world we live in. My oldest talks to me about everything which makes me so happy, awkward or not I hope they know I'm always here. Hardest part is usually answering with a straight face 😐
I love every genre of music but if I had to choose, Reggae is my favorite hands down. I love everything about the positive vibes and laid back atmosphere. I've mentioned before that we take my kids to a lot of concerts but @reggaeriseup is our go to family event. I'm so excited for the lineup this year btw. Taking kids to concerts can seem intimidating but with some prep it's totally worth it. I'm going to be sharing some of my best kid concert tips leading up to show, encouraging more people to go as a family. Make sure you are checking my IG stories for some things I've learned over the years. They seriously love It especially if they know the music, G STILL talks about seeing Stephen Marley a few years ago ✌🏽🀘🏽
Not sure why it took me so long to really enjoy working out but it did. I've always maintained a healthy plant based diet for my thyroid but exercise has never been my fav honestly, besides hiking. In May, I started a boot camp with @getfitwithshailey and I've been working out daily ever since. The only time I can make time is at 4am, so guess what time I go!? It's hard some days but you can't beat an empty gym and getting it done first thing. Getting older will not prevent me from looking and feeling my best! You will have to rip my jean shorts out of my hand before I give them up haha. As my birthday approaches I am confident in the changes I've made for the new year ahead! If I can do it I swear anyone can πŸ˜‚
All the Saturday feels 🌻
Bad things happen every day in this world and most people you know are struggling with something way harder than we can comprehend. There is no one you meet that doesn't have pain or struggles.. no one. Social media makes for a pretty highlight reel but we all know life is hard. I think we can all agree that we could all be a little easier on each other, myself included. Less judgement, less cattiness and more understanding and smiles can make any situation better. I told my son last week that I like to smile at everyone I pass and challenged him to so the same. The simplest gestures can brighten someone's day and we can all use a little more of the good🌞 🌻 #bekind @alleyandrae