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Christmas Charcuterie
Ahi Tuna @ Red Rooster Winery. Merry Christmas
Cheese Day, thanks les amis du fromage!
Gluten Free Black Forest Birthday Cake. Naramata Bench Van Weston Cherries.
French Macarons not macaroons... tant pour tant!
Rosemary Christmas Barrel Smoked Bacon.
A wood pigeon in every pot...
Quiche like a Boss
crazy thought.
Lacto Fermented Hot Sauce Punch Down
Last pick of the season. Never Saw a Fridge.
staff food. pickled cauli tabbouleh pork loin malbec syrup. #kitchensink
Mini Malbec Jam Punch Down.
dino bones.
Pickling Day with Lina's Garden. Thanks Art.
June 9th 5 Course Small Plates
Clive Flower Vinegar.
Taylor is killing it at Red. Great looking Chicken Liver Pate