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Copenhagen corner.
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Brutalism Parisian style. T only available from Image: @pascalpprl Model: @kevindjxx
Brutalist Pride
Epic to see @sebastianjbreaks in his F*CK Average T in his exceptional @hangarhpc gym where fitness, exercise and MMA are taken seriously. For your own added motivation mantra T shop at
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from Cardiff
Powerfully classic Parisian architecture.
Barbican Brutalist brilliance.
In Miami he wears it well.
She wears it well.
Looking up in London.
A simple doorway opening into an Irish country pub.
Parisian street.
Happy New Year! @simmonsrhys got creative and here’s a blast of Pop-Art as a result featuring our Beton Brut T. Thank you and here’s hoping everyone gets to have a brilliantly bright year too!