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LA -> Monterey -> SF -> Portland -> Washougal -> Boise and we didn't kill each other which is cool ....and we saw tpain on New Years which was also cool
our trip has been half a dumpster fire so far, stay tuned for updates
it's fkn cold
the face you make when your oldest friend gets in to all the best business schools in the country!!!!!!!!!! I'm more proud of you now than I was when you told me you were mistaken for a kardashian I LOVE YOU AND AM SO PROUD OF YOU MY SHINING STAR
Crashing holiday parties is an art, not a science
celebrating a soft start to this beautiful series 366 days ago
a classic love
Today Gabi and I taught Louise about football so now Louise knows nothing about football #1inourhearts #wedidntevengohere
brought to you by Kirkland bourbon and vodka #thankful
Happy 12th birthday #CrossfitDC !!!!!!!!
"What did you learn at girls on the run?" "To be bold" #girlgang
it's almost like we work together
you just wanna know those PEANUT BUTTER VIBES
when you decide to become a bandwagon fan, you pick the best team in the league #RTR #lifehacks
guys I discovered car2go and it's lit asf
great minds think alike #reeboks4life
when you realize you went abroad three full years ago and life is a cruel joke
sat in the third row and now I'm spoiled forever