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Knew this show wasn't real.
This will always be my favorite
Literally! @lyonandpost lets you order whatever you want without charging your card. Only pay for what you keep, so you won’t go broke waiting for that refund. What a time to be alive. #farewellfittingrooms 1. Join for free and queue your fave pieces. 2. They’ll send your picks for free - no fees. 3. Keep what you love, send back what you don’t in a prepaid bag (#freereturns)
This > Anything else. (@sci_phile, @superdeluxe)
Uhh hell yah. / Credit: Katewhiteshark on Twitter
🙄🙄🙄 @basicbitchfoundation
Im staring straight on that ball of flames. IDGAF
Fool me once...
So Much Yes.
Ur my b @jewhead
Hah @fuckjerry taking a major L in the @fruitbythefoot challenge. #fruitbythefootchallenge #ad
Relax Coco
He's not that bad after all. @JerryNews
Bet you 2 tickets to #PattiCakes I'm right. #Gheri #FavoriteCharacter #Sponsored
Sorry sluts
Mine too.
Next level savagery.
101 problems. (@whitepeoplehumor)