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This is brilliant.
So powerful.
I can't promise my second @subway sandwich to bae with this girl around #NationalSandwichDay #ad
Let me gooo.
Glad I'm not alone.
The only mac n cheese I eat these days is @wickedkitchenfood #ad. If you ever actually go to the grocery store, you can find them in the freezer aisle.
I know you New Yorker's relate.
This kid is living in 2017....
The @basicbitchfoundation has the cutest memes.
Oh ssick
Almost as exciting as @whatdoyoumeme
Say wuuuh. @jerrynews
For a much better date night (or any night) check out @todaytix for tickets to plays and musicals, comedy shows, etc.
Nice one Frank.
YES @eden_eats
Deal with it.
Early qualification for costume of the year. (@BigWorldSmallDogs)
Your grandpa is my hero
Little* sausage @jewhead
Usually me but tonight I'm tuning into Sarah Silverman's @ilyamerica out now on @hulu