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Happy Valentine’s Day Peeps
How does everyone find motivation?
Is tomorrow really Friday? 😊
I can relate but any type dessert or chocolate will do. Lol
The closer it gets the tougher it is. Hang on tight and don’t let go.
Was having a good lift😊
Chest days👌🏼
It’s always impressive to see what you are capable of....
Coming in bigger than this physique.... Excited for the process and the final result.
The look of determination....just kidding. I’m just hungry. Lol
Currently crushing it but certainly more improvements ahead of me. Progressing slowly.
Tomorrow we hit back. 😊
This was a jar of peanut butter m&m’s. WAS. I take cheat days very serious. 😋 #imalwayshungry #ialwaysfinishmyplate
It’s becoming tougher as weeks go by.
This is what happens when you stay on track during the holidays. 👌🏼
Have to work 10 days straight totaling 110 hours. Two down 8 to go while while getting it in. 🤪
Focus on your own goals. This is important especially for people who are on their fitness journey. Your goal is completely different from other people on social media. Social media make it that much harder to focus on your own goals.
Had a rest day yesterday since all of the gyms around the area was close. Merry Christmas Everyone! How was everyone’s Christmas?