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Proud sister post ⚠️⚠️ This past week both of my siblings got to represent La Grande and the state of Oregon and I couldn't be more proud. Aiden's little league team made it to the championship game of the Little League World Series Regional tournament and was literally two runs away from punching a ticket to Williamsport. On top of that Paige graduated from the state dispatcher academy and is now a licensed emergency dispatcher for the state of Oregon. I love these hooligans so much, and I can't wait to live in the same town as them for the first time in 5 years. ❤️❤️
When you live on a lake it's acceptable to never brush your hair...right?
To the strongest person I have ever met, thank you. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for sharing countless laughs, tears, hugs and memories with me. Thank you for loving me always and constantly trying to make me a better person. Thank you for always smiling. You radiate joy and happiness wherever you go and you've touched more people than I think you even know. You're a light and I just know your momma is so extremely proud of you up there. I'm sorry I haven't been there as much in person for you this past year but I'm beyond thankful for the friends that have. You're a sister to me Haley Rae and I wouldn't trade ya for the world. I love you 💜💜
This little boy blessed me more than he will ever know. So thankful and honored to have had the opportunity to share the love of God this week with the little ones.
Lovin' life 😜 * * * * 📷: @chloerupp 😘
Coeur d'Aydreaming
Climb on, brother🤙🏼 * * * * * * 📷: @mariss_park
Miss you boys. Happy birthday Jaz❤️❤️ @jasminejoysmith @haleyraewhite @_amtsiatsos
Plz don't grow up. #nationalbrotherday
ask me why I didn't leave the couch until 1 pm today
Thanks for sticking with me through the mess that was our second year. Miss you already 💕
"You're just a phone call far away"💕💕
My astronomy presentation has me wishin' I was back on Mars ☄️🆘
HBD to my two faves 😍 sending lots of love your way this week 😘
Thankful that my sister is as spontaneous and adventurous as I am. Thanks for the 42 hr trip to Moab @paigejhughes 👌🏻
from Moab, Utah
Always down for a good game of Lava Monster😏
from Nic Beach
Livin' the good life with the good vibes🌴
The birks are back boys. ☀️
I got mad love for you (@ my subie) 😘
Summa, summa wya?
MT twenty-seventeen