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let’s just say that life has been a lot more interesting and a hell of a lot more fun with you around, my valentine 👬
not lucky, just blessed #microsoftwinterparty
resolutions? in this economy?
christmas sweater? more like LITmas sweater
*google translates the Italian word for “daddy”*
cagna di base🍦🌸
jordan accidentally washed his hands with holy water after we climbed to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica - how’s your monday?
there’s no place like....Rome? 🇮🇹
i’ve always considered myself someone who embraces uncertainty, but moving to Chicago was definitely one of the most daunting experiences i’ve ever faced as it was the first start of a chapter that didn’t have a closing in sight. while the city is finally starting to feel more familiar each day, i found a different kind of home in Chicago that has gives me an outlet to live authentically and has given me the opportunity to change my life both inside and outside the studio walls. thankful for new friends like @laurenakeane and so many more who have helped me find a strength i didn’t know i had. catch me in a yellow shirt at OLTN & find me on a bike in a studio near you, chicago 💛
I’ve gotta be able to move like a cheetah, you know, a law enforcement cheetah - that’s why I wear the shorts 🤷🏼‍♂️
clear eyes & a full heart after my first weekend back in DC since graduating - incredibly thankful for boots of cider & denim jackets & best friends like you who keep me grounded yet push me to be the best person i can be, all the way from DC. thank you for an amazing weekend & thank you for being exactly who you are - never change 💕💃🏼👫
alumni weekend in one word? problematic
constantly reminded how lucky i am to call this place home
i never really had a favorite boss before, but you would have made it really close 😏
mahalo for an amazing weekend, Hawaii - I'll be back soon✌🏼 #hawaiikawaii🌺
high on nature, high on life #hawaiikawaii🌺
still working on my flower crown, but i think i like it here #hawaiikawaii🌺
boats & hoe(s)⛵️
west coast best coast, am i right?
I live in the greatest city in the world (for summertime at least??)
chicago! the bean! labor day! best friends! #lifeisgood