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Your #wcw just finished 247th in her first 5k and only needed her inhaler once. It's me, I'm your wcw
Shoutout to my IGGF (instagram girlfriend) and all around great human @ttrach15 for trying to take an ~*artsy*~ pic - sorry I messed it up with my face! (ps come back to Boston asap)
I'm sorry, the old Kenny and Jenna can't come to the phone right now. Why? CAUSE THEY'RE WED!! #loveisintheayers
I can be anything you need 😉 🇨🇭🔪
Watch live as this dog becomes a Baer!! Welcome to the fam, Billie!♥️🐶🐻
College hockey players everywhere are starting a new season and I'm washed up and volunteering at hockey themed carnival booths • Thanks @buildinboston for being an amazing org and for putting on a great event! #buildegames
To deal with post-travel depression, I put all my photos in one place, mostly for the sake of my mom. Please use the link in my bio to enjoy some low quality pictures of some high quality places!
White Cliffs of Dover ft. me doing "work" on my "work" trip
Fought off several small children and an army of teenagers for this picture- but worth it for a moment of joy with my fave doc to be ♥️
I *cannoli* imagine how sad the summer would have been without you guys!!
Empire State of Limes #cawlidgehawkey
Thanks for the bee-ah at the sahks game 😊
Photoshopped myself into a postcard
Fun German word of the day: gleitschirmfliegen
Zürich, you have my heart and will likely end up with the contents of my wallet too • Zürich, Switzerland
Spent today in a fairy tale, now accepting applications for a Prince Charming • Neuschwanstein Castle // Bavarian Alps
Looks served by your local IT department #wecantfixyourcomputer
Drinking team with a hockey problem 🏒 🍺
Getting Tiki freaky to forget that Sarah never got her fries at happy hour 🍍 🍟 happy birthday pretty lady!!
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