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Homemade honey glazed salmon with a loaded baked potato & grilled corn on the cob! 😋🌽🥔
After a super long day at work on Friday, I came home to gorgeous flowers from my incredible boyfriend before going out for our belated birthday dinner 😍🎉😘💐
Homemade pizza! 😍😋🍕
Thanks for such a great weekend SFOPBFF!! @erinlovestacos 💙🍻😘
@dclarke1995's pancake was larger than the plate!! 😱😍😋 #holypancake #metrodiner #bestbreakfast
Shaved ice cream 😍 #exploringthemanyfoodsofnewyork #snowdays
from Snowdays
#holdmyknots garlic knot chicken parmigiana ❤️😍
Best waffle I've ever eaten 😍😍😍
Our gorgeous Christmas tree! 🎄😍
My gorgeous car! 😍
Margot Robbie is so freaking gorgeous!! 😍😍😍 #WCW
Yum! 😍🍓
@sroller4894 surprised me with this edible arrangement today! This completely made my day! Thank you so much for being the most amazing best friend in the entire world! I miss you so much! ❤️
Even though @dclarke1995 has to work this weekend, he still spoils me with surprises! Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world! I love you so much babe! ❤️😍🌹
Happy 1st day of my last semester of Undergrad! 😄
As if I didn't miss Disney World enough, we used our new Mickey Mouse waffle maker tonight to make dinner! #TakeMeBackToDisney 😩😄❤️
By far the best Halloween I've ever had! I absolutely loved our costumes! #Cosmo&Wanda #TheFairlyOddParents 🎃⭐️🕸
When you're planning a Halloween party! 🎃
I just want to thank @dclarke1995 for always loving me and constantly reassuring me that everything will be okay! I don't know what I would do without you! I love you babe! Forever & always! 😍😘
Double bacon, egg, and cheese! #happylastdayatchickfila #agreatdayatchickfila 😍😋