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The Girls 💕
Accurate ☝ Current feels 😂
Super chuffed about this summer weather! The face says it all really 😁
White blooms 🌼
Third lunch time walk this week... Ankle is starting to give me grief which isn't ideal but pushing through to see how it goes for the rest of the week 😡 Plus, who wants to be stuck inside when there are these views to enjoy 👀
*Having almost 4 months off the gym cause of a f**king broken ankle be like... 😂😒😥
1st day of exercise for 2018 and it didn't go to badly at all 👍 Sticking to lunch time walks this week 💃 Will see how I am feeling next week and decide whether or not my ankle is ready to hit the gym again 👊
Punch prepped for our house warming last night 🍾
Granola goals 👌
2018, what a start ☉ This weather I could get very used to 👌
There's no time to be bored in a world that is as beautiful as ours ❤
Bye 2k17 🤘 You've been one hell of a year... Travelling Vietnam from top to bottom, having a seriously broken ankle for 3 months, putting our big kid pants on and buying a house 😮 It's been an absolute banger 😊 Bring on 2k18 👍 Happy New Year friends and fam 😘
Monteith's Brewery Bar serving one of the best meals I've ever had 👌 Marinated chicken breast fillets resting over potato rosti, broccolini & pecan nuts. Finished with mustard and chive cream 😍
Holiday adventures... A casual walk turned into a quarter marathon but totally worth it 😍 New Zealand, you really are breath taking 👌
Home sweet home 👍🐑🏍
Christmas day on the farm 🎄🎁🎅 Merry Christmas everyone!!!
32 degree days on the farm 😥 Cooling off with a paddle in the river 👌
Don't think Mum remembers putting that decoration in her tree 🤔
Made some morning tea for the crew at work today to celebrate our last day for 2017 🤗 Chocolate dipped strawberries and dried apricots 👌🍓🍫