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Homemade butternut squash, sweet potato and lentil soup this eve 🍜 yuM
The bottle of all bottles ‼️#shobottle Thank you @yourshonline Can’t believe how ICE COLD this keeps my water 💦I’ll deffo need this for tonight’s swim swim swim 🏊🏼‍♀️
A gal can never have too much ratatouille 🍅 Eating it like a soup tonight, because it’s pretty tasty on its own 🌿
One thing I was particularly worried about giving up for #veganuary was milk and cheese... Little did I know I absolutely LOVE all of these plant-based milks and will definitely carry on drinking these!! 🌿 Still struggling to find a good vegan cheese, I think it’s because there is so much variety with normal cheese in comparison. Obviously the thought of not using animal-based products is a good one, but does anyone have any vegan cheese recommendations I can’t miss out on?
SooooOoo I may have bought a few too many of these ready meals, especially as I want to really try to do Veganuary ‘properly’ with home cooked meals... But I couldn’t resist because Tesco’s new vegan range is so vast! I’ve got a busy teaching week ahead and these are a perfect ‘go to’ if I find myself lacking time in the evenings or even at lunchtime (if I get one!) it’s great that there are gradually more options out there in the shops🍴
One of my fave easy recipes from last week, which I had a lot before starting Veganuary! A simple veggie fajita with homemade guac 🌿 I also added brown rice and vegan cheese to make it into more of a burrito 🌯YUM 🌯
After swimming 50 lengths followed by Pilates I was HUNGRY so I hit up Tesco’s new vegan range. I definitely recommend this sourdough pizza! It’s quick, easy and tasty ✨🌿🍕
#Veganuary is going well so far. Ratatouille, butternut squash and pepper-stuffed croquettes, corn and mange tout. 🌿