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Larry Nassar's years of abuse created an 'Army of Survivors' — These defiant women, united by a shared horror, are shining a light on it (via @sifullframe, Simon Bruty @anychance_)
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@Oprah and her best friend. Oh, and @ReeseWitherspoon.
Happy birthday, @DrewBarrymore! You know I love Drew.
Golden. @sifullframe @thomaslovelock
Who am I? @commentawards
photo by @vincentjmusi Vegas, 2018 A name like Vegas invokes curiosity and intrigue. She is a 14 year-old Greyhound that was adopted as a puppy. She was never raced, which is fairly unusual for these graceful dogs. She was a good sport about being photographed, most dogs are, particularly when food is involved. This a personal project on the character and beauty of dogs and you are seeing it develop as I work through this #yearofthedog Thanks for sharing your your dog pictures with me and for your suggestions, I’m touched by your outreach and kind words about this work. I wish I could travel to every place suggested and photograph all of the incredible dogs. Give me time, I’m just getting started - I post more of these @vincentjmusi where I welcome your input. #greyhound
Boy bye
Now available for purchase at ( ) I am very proud to introduce you to my new sculpture series! The series will consist of 5 different bronze sculptures (each is an edition of 50). The collection is inspired by my passion for my hometown, Miami, and my Cuban heritage. Over the years, i have had thousands of requests for prints, so I decided to do these limited edition sculptures instead. The inspiration behind this particular sculpture is the community that is created by sharing a cigar with family and friends. Over the years, I have shared cigars with all different types of people, in locations all over this beautiful world. Conversation, bonding, laughter and happiness are words that come to mind when thinking about these experiences. This is my way of sharing a cigar with you. To purchase or view Click the Link Below ‪‬
Sneakersnstuff digs out a collaboration from 2007 for the New Balance 574. Anyone have the original pair? Check out the detailed look and for full release details, tap the link in our bio.
& they lived horribly ever after
“D U B A I” 🇦🇪 @thisisamans.magazine
It’s tax season
Good point. #RichardLewis #LarryDavid #CurbYourLarryDavid #CurbYourEnthusiasm #Curb
Before the Cavs made all their trade deadline moves, they called... Kevin Hart?!
Pablo Pacherres walks alone into a rice field in the early hours to earn money as a day laborer to pay for his daughter’s cost of treatment for her Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown cause (#CKDu). Two of his sons already succumbed to the disease. Many rural families have to go to extraordinary lengths to get the treatment they need in Northern Peru. As Pablo said, “When my son got sick I sold my roof, I sold my land. After a few months of treatment I had nothing left and my son died. Now I work when I can to take care of my family.” @edkashi and @t_laffay on assignment with support from @natgeo Explorer Award to document #CKDu in desolate Northern Peru. @InsideNatGeo @NatGeoExplorers @edkashi @t_laffay #peru #ckdu
Ping ping pow pow! 👊💥 I don't need aces to beat you, @UsainBolt Just the heart of a lion 🦁 #LionHart #BestPokerFace #GameOn
@fendi from the best seat in the house
Pulling fresh mozzarella is THE most-mesmerizing thing in the world 🧀😍 Gorgeous work, @mimmosmozzarella! #sobewff
When you wake up from a nightmare about candy mountain. #wheresmykidney