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Still waiting for @Twitter to explain to me why all my friends & family keep asking why all my tweets look like this. It's 2017 y'all don't have the updated technology to determine food/faces/cats/drums/music icons & the soul train dancers from offensive guideline stuff YET? Already bad enough that 🍊'a tweets rule everything around us.
I'm just sick of it. But I'm a sucker when babies have been waiting for hours. 😉 Long work days/nights but fans have a way of easing the fatigue. #SkyscraperMovie #LateNightLuv
Athletes are weighing in on President Trump's recent comments
Do you want it back? (Taking the remains from you mouth) Follow @9gag to get inspired. #9gag #grapes #hungry #generosity
🔊Happy International Rabbit Day 🐰Follow @9gag - - 📷@amandabunbuns - - #9gag #bunny #scream #yawn
Alavés 1-2 Real Madrid ⚽ 10' @danifuli10 ⚽ 40' Manu ⚽ 43' @danifuli10 #RMLiga
Mucha Luz en #Murcia 🙏🏼 LOS AMO
She's so consistent
The kids at Enes Kanter's Oklahoma basketball camp weren't too happy about his trade to the Knicks.😭
This must be what it feels like to be my friend (@newyorkcitylady)
Nos vemos pronto #Murcia hoy el turno es para #Malaga nos vemos esta noche 🇪🇸
Courtesy of #thewhiskygentleman @stefanopileggi
📸👊🏟 #HalaMadrid Congratulations on reaching 200 matches for @RealMadrid, @iscoalarcon! ¡Felicidades @iscoalarcon por los 200 partidos con el @RealMadrid!
It’s time to pack your stuff and go exploring our planet. That’s a part of our life. That’s the reason why we are here. Atacama desert, Miniques and Miscanti lagoons. #Atacama #SouthAmerica #Chile #Nikon #Gitzoinspires
Finally the case is closed. (@wittyidiot)
Enes Kanter bids farewell to Oklahoma City (via @eneskanter11)
⚽✖2⃣ #RMLiga A double for @danifuli10! ¡Un doblete de @danifuli10!
Even Boston’s security guard had to do it. 😂
So 25 yrs ago in June diligently busking on #SouthStreet paid off & we started getting local gigs. But THIS gig was THE gig. THIS gig was gonna determine if we were just messin around for loose change, or if this was gonna be a career. I made my mind up early that I was NOT gonna be headed to #NYC to attend Juilliard or The New School. Now how do I keep this information from my folks who indeed expected me to attend SOME university (Mom was cool, Dad? Let's just say he finally heard about @TheRoots a lil AFTER we completed our 2nd lp #DYWM (do you want more!???) mid 94("you gotta get a real job, not that rappidy rap filth flarn filth grab m'**ck & suck m'n**s" junk you listen to" 😂😂😂😂😂) anywho we had *some* buzz but hmmmm--is this enough for two high school buds to drop out of college & build on a dream & a hail mary pass? This was the night WKDU's own #AJshine introduced us to a strange man named #RichardNichols a man who would change my life and subsequently your life. for w/o him I wouldn't have an IG account w time to waste on a 4 hour drive to Ithaca to my show w the band he molded into the monster it is 25 yrs later. ACTUALLY they just wanted an interview for their public access video show #TheAvenue what they wound up w was a spring board to jumpstart a movement. Some 4,600 shows later (based on sched from 94 to 2014) I'll say I'm satisfied w that decision. I will return to college & get my degree one way or another. I do NOT recommend following suit. Based on where we are now as a nation we need all the proper education and cultural exchange we can get! Thank you @kingbritt #Jeff Natt!
There's a new Big 3 out west.